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Virtusa Interview Experience - Chennai, October 2014

The selection process had three rounds. 

1. Aptitude: 

This round had two sections. Both the sections are completely technical. The first section had 40 multiple choice questions. They were asked from Java, DBMS, Software engineering. The second section was the Coding part and it has to be done in Java. They will not look at the output of the program, only logic will be checked.

2.Technical HR: 

Those clearing apps will be called for technical round. Questions based on basics of DBMS, Java, Software engineering, OOAD and C were asked. Be strong in basics DBMS and Java. Results of this round will be announced immediately.

3. HR round: 

This round was easy. Normal HR questions like what qualities are expected in a person working in an MNC and questions from your resume will be asked. English fluency is checked. Be confident while speaking. 

Interview process in Virtusa was one of a kind. Around 600-700 people wrote the first round and nearly 160 was shortlisted for the technical round. And in Technical round, major filtering process happen. Elimination happens even in HR round. But the interview process was very interesting and results will be announced then and there. 

Finally around 40 were selected and I'm glad to be one among them. To get through, be strong in your Java and DBMS basics. As far as DBMS is concerned, you must know about rollback, commit , update and basic queries. In software engineering have good knowledge about life cycles. In OOAD learn about use case diagram and class diagrams. I hope this was useful. All the best. :)


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