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Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Chennai, March 17 2016

* I would like to share my TCS interview experience. I had TCS written test on March 2, 2016. It had, 

[1] E-mail Writing (10-mins).

[2] Aptitude (80-mins), 30 Questions, among those LAST 2 were Star questions.

I wrote 22 aptitudes well out of 30 among which 1 from Star question. I have not been typed my mail completely. Even though, I cleared my 1st round of TCS. I got the mail after 2 days that I had (Technical, MR, HR) on 17th march. 

*  I had an interview at TCS (OMR) Campus. After certificate verification, I was asked to enter the waiting hall. I was waiting over there for 30 mins. I was feeling bit nervous during the entire interview. We got (TR+MR+HR) all three rounds together.

There was a hall in that many tables were put for the interview. Three interviewers conducted the interview for me. 

My first Question was,

[1] What are the effects that you have taken to enter into the TCS?
- I told "I learnt only basics of C & C++" (Since I am an EEE Student).

[2] He asked to write Armstrong Numbers.
- I wrote and explained it. He tried to confuse me. But, I was clear with that.

[3] Then asked "Interested subject".
- I told "Electrical machine".

[4] Then asked about "Losses".
- I told.

[5] Asked "What are the applications of eddy current?" (asked from my previous answer).
- I told "Eddy Current Braking"

Asked briefly but I was not cent percent sure"

[6] After seeing my face, He asked "What is your Weakness?".
- I told.

But, he absorbed that I was being Nervous. That's why he asked.

[7] Asked my circuit skill and then (Showed a table fan) "Write the circuit of fan"?
- I told with some mistakes. He found that and asked. But, I realized and told again perfectly.

[8]. I explained that Double Field Revolving Theory.

[9] He was tried to confuse me by telling the wrong answer.
- But, I said refused it. Since I was clear with my concepts.

[10] Then he asked "Do you have any questions For us?".
- I asked about the environment of TCS, what is my role will be in TCS.

After the interview, I was asked to leave.

Finally, I have been received my offer letter on 23rd March. It was the wonderful experience. Because After a lot (maybe more than 20) of companies I got the job offer from TCS.

So, please don't get frustrated with your failures. Try to overcome it. Then you will have the bright future ahead. Now, I am eagerly waiting to know my date of joining!

Thank you all. Meet you in TCS.

All the best.


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