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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Bangalore, july 24, 2014

Bosch was the first company to visit BIT.

There were three different question papers. One for electronic circuit branches and another one is for computer science another for mech. I am from ECE.

Round 1:

30 question about Logical and verbal.

25 question about basics of electronics (analog, digital, control systems, Mp, Mc, LIC).

Questions on MP were on 8085 and NOT ON 8086 for us we were not familiar with 8085.

5 questions from C.

Negative marking is there.

Questions on technical section were NOT easy, but aptitude was easy.

300 members took aptitude test, 120 members went to tech round 60 of them were from ECE.

Relatively low cutoff in aptitude.

Round 2:

I got a good interviewer, he started to ask tech questions directly, questions were on.

1). Gate conversions and why are nand and nor gates called universal gates.

2). Told me to write control system diagram for simple water level controller.

I answered every above questions correctly but.

He started asking questions about C on topics such as file management, pointers and functions.

I am not good at programming, so I freaked out and the whole thing went south.

Last set of question was based on microcontrollers (8051) and programming using embedded C.

1). Simple serial communication program.
2). Modes of timers.
3). What does header file reg51.h mean.

Interview was for 45 minutes.

Finally nearly 35 members were shortlisted 20 from ece.

I was not selected for next round but it was a good experience.

It made me realize importance of C.

After HR round 18 from ECE were placed, as far as I know all the 18 candidates were good at programming.

All the best.


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