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iGate Interview Experience - Baddi university, 5th sept, 2015

(IndiaBix is more than enough for the written test of iGate).

Aptitude section level easy 15 questions.

--Topics covered--

Data interpretation---5 questions tabular data.
Sets--1 question.
Circle--1ques (chords).
Ratio & proposition -- 2--questions.
Profit and loss--1 question.
Percentage---1 question.
Probability---1 question.
Permutation and combinations--1 --question.
Simple arithmetics question--3 questions.
Reasoning section 15 questions level easy.
Direction sense 1 question.
Coding -decoding 3- 5 questions.

Puzzles seating arrangement.

Syllogism-2 questions.

Mirror images etc -2 questions.
Analogy, statement and assumptions.

English (moderate) 20 questions.

Passage 5 questions.
Arrangement of sentences 2 question.

Fill in the blanks.

Spotting error.

Cutoff is usually 60% so attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking paper max. Marks is 50.


Technical round.

Questions are usually asked on your project.

So be prepared with your project other question asked are on dbms like.

What is normalization?

Type of databases?

Primary key, foreign and unique key differences.

Types of classes.

Index number?

Sql basic query.

Like extracting data from the table etc.

HR round.

(be well dressed with proper hairstyle).

Question asked on your hobbies and family status.

Be prepared with the company knowledge i.e. history and current event going in the company, acquisition, takeovers etc structural parts of (iGate) like Icare, ibusiness etc.

Main thing is written as it hold 75% of your selection rest 25% depends on HR and TR round.

Be confident with your communication skills.
Don't say rubbish answers.

Think and speak.
(usually iGate interviewers are very frank).

And never lose hope in case of rejection.


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