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Hi Friends

I have attended Honeywell interview on 13th of September 2008 at HTS, Bannergatta,, Bangalore.

It has total of Four Rounds,
1. Written Test (Completely technical) 30 mins
2. Technical Interview around 45 mins
3. Technical Interview around 45 mins
4. Technical Interview around 15 mins
5. HR interview around 15 mins

Written Test questions were from Entirely C.

I got Question Paper 2
It had questions on File operations, Basic functions, Pointer to functions, pointer declarations, functioncall in a for loop...

I have recalled what ever I could and provided here....

Written test had total of 31 questions and no negative marks....

1. how to allocate memory for 10 integers and make the contents zeo?
ans : ptr= calloc(10, int value);

2. what will  be the output?
void increment()
   return x++;

   some operation;

Ans : I have not tried... may be error

3. How to free the allocated memory?
Ans : free();

4. How to initialize constant pointer?

5. what is the ouput?
int modifycalue()

int changevalue(x)

void main()
   int x=10;
   printf("%d", x);
   printf("%d", x);
   printf("%d", x);

Ans : 11, 12, 12

The above question is 90% reproduced here

6.a question on hoe to free the node in linked list in a for loop....
we have to say whether it is correct or not....

8. x=0;

Represent in for loop. options given

Nothing much I remember about the written test....

In technical interview they asked only the basics, and about the project and what I have mentioned in the resume and about the embedded protocols.

In HR, they asked....
1. Tell me about ur self
2. what do you consider as your strength and give an example?
3. Have you ever faced a situation so that you are required to convince your boss and show you did it?
4. Have you ever had a situation, that you could not complete your task in time and how you managed that?
5. Have you ever interacted with the customer directly?
6. What are your achievements?
7. What is your role in your project?
8. Did you ever faced a situation that you have to argue on the other side and how you convinced?
9. what made you to choose honeywell?
and some more questions....

I have went till HR and result on Hold... Good luck to all.....


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