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HCL Technologies Interview Experience - Niet, GBU, January 12, 2014

Hi everyone,

I attended HCL Technologies interview held on 12th jan 2015 in Guru Gobind Singh College Delhi, I would like to share my interview in that drive and hope it'll be useful to all future aspirants.

Well, it started when I got my admit card(via email) from AMCAT for the online test, it came around 2 days before the test.

So, rd-1 was the online test, followed by a TR and HR.

the online was held at niet college, greater noida.  The test had 4 sections which included, quant aptitude, logical reasoning, english and a technical test(mainly C and Data structures). The test was quite easy to be honest, basic C and IndiaBix papers should be more than enough to get through it.

I got the call for interview rounds about 2 days later.

I reached the interview place at about 9, but the process only began around 11 with a small presentation and instructions from hcl authorities present there. the place was packed with students but lucky I got my interview call pretty early.

TR(Male Interviewer).

Interviewer: Hi?
Me: Hello Sir(Only wished, didn't sit).

Interviewer: Please sit down.
Me: Thank you Sir(Sat down).

Interviewer: Please introduce yourself?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: Do you know C?
Me: Yes, Basic C.

Interviewer: Ok, Tell the difference b/w C and C++?
Me: Told(About 3-4 points).

Interviewer: Fine, difference b/w union and structure?
Me: Told with example.

Interviewer: Explain me your college project?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: Do you know Database?
Me: Yes.

Interviewer: Which ones?
Me: Oracle, MySQL, DB2.

Interviewer: Choose One.
Me: MySQL.

Interviewer: Query on MySQL
Me: Told.

Interviewer: Ok, I am through with you and promoting you to next hr round.
Me: Thank you sir.(Shook hands and left).

HR(Female HR):

She mostly asked the basic HR Questions like:
Why IT?
Why HCL?
Are you fine with Timings and Location?
Your USB?
Meaning of your name?

But I think she was mainly testing my communication skills, just be confident and  a little polite. Keep smiling.

Then she took my sign on a form there and asked to leave and wait for my selection/rejection mail.

I got my selection mail a couple of days later.

What a moment that was?

Just remember: Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.

Good Luck people.


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