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Robert Bosch Technical Interview Questions, 20-Feb-2014 - Chennai


I am Santhosh From Chennai.

I got placed in Robert Bosch on 20/02/2014.

I share my Experience and Placement paper and technical interview questions here.

Following topics are covered In written test. Test will be 60 marks 60 min.

1) 12-15 Que digital Electronics
2) 10-12 Que Analog
3) 2-3 Que 8085 and 2-3 Que 8051
4) 3-4 C programming and 1-2 Que C++
5) 5 Que Aptitude and 5 Que from Chart base(ex. pi-chart)
6) 5 Que from Paragraph

Experience :


Technical Round  (around 1 hour):

1) Tell me about your self ?
2) What is your favorite subject?
3) How many concept you know in C?
4) Explain detail of Compiler stages?
5) How many pre-processor directives you know?
6) What is use of #include, #define Explain with example?
7) Suppose you and your friend make program your friend write header file you can write your program with your friend header file but you don't know that your friend defined macros or not but you can use that in your program i.e PI then suppose your friend can not defined it how can you write your code so compiler can't generate any error?
8) Write a program to find first five prime numbers?
9) Write a program to add five numbers of integer array with for loop
& while loop?
10) What is roll of loader in compiler?
11) Draw and Explain Architecture of microcontroller 8051?
12) What is internal size of RAM, ROM in 8051?
13) How many types of memory available?
14) What is Flash memory?
15) Internal structure of UART?
16) What is serial and parallel communication?
17) What is protocol? What are the serial and parallel protocols?
18) Explain SPI Protocol?
19) What CAN protocol?
20) Which subject you hate in Engineering? Why?
21) File operation in c with one simple Example?

HR Round (20 min)

1) Tell me about your self ?
2) What's your Father, mother, Brother doing?
3) In which medium you are Study?
4) What are you doing in Bangalore?
5) How is Vector training?
6) If do any project in Vector? What is Engineering Project?
7) What do you know about company?
8) Why are you join This company?
9) What are you doing for improve your communication skill?

All the best guys !


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