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Hi Friends

I am from Electrical and Electronics department, attended for HAL-Management Trainee On-Line written test on 14th-Nov-2008

Time: 12:30-15:00
Venue: Narayanamma Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

Some of the questions from my paper are given below:

1. When length of a wire increases  its resistance 
a. doubles     b. half     c. remains same
Ans: ( a )

2. When a 50 Hz, 6-pole Induction Motor runs at 975rpm, the rotor emf frequency is 
a. 12.5Hz    b. 1.25Hz     c. 4Hz
Ans: ( b )

3. When a 6 pole 50Hz Induction Motor runs at 1450 rpm, it’s working mode is
a. motoring  b. braking  c. generating
Ans: ( a )

4. Slips for Different modes of operation of Induction Motor  are
answer: motoring -0<S<1,generating- S<0,braking - S>1

5. Damping ratio ( ? ) is 0.75, natural frequency is 12 rad/s are given & asked to find peak time

6. In electrodynamo-meter type wattmeter 
a. pressure coil is made fixed
b. current coil is made fixed
c. both the coils are made fixed
Ans: ( a )

7. In flux meter control torque is produced by 
a. weights attached to it.
b. Springs
c. No control torque is there
Ans: ( c )

8. One question regarding hot wire instrument

9. In MI meters deflecting torque is proportional to 
a. square of the current
b. square of the voltage
Ans: ( a )

10. In 3-F system total power is given by 
a. v3V­LILcos F
b. 3V­LILcos F
c. V­LILcos F 
Ans: ( a )

11. From supply one 3-F step-down transformer is drawing 10 A, the secondary current will be minimum when the transformer is 
a. star-delta      b. delta-star     c. delta-delta    d. star-star
Ans: ( b )

12. Transformer rating is expressed in 
a. KVA    b. KVAR    c. KW    
Ans: ( a )

13. Manganin is a 
a. Insulator    b. Semi-conductor   c. Alloy
Ans: (I think it is alloy)

14. Dual scope oscilloscope has 
a. two separate horizontal and two separate vertical plates
b. one horizontal and two separate vertical plates
c. two separate horizontal and one vertical plates
d. one horizontal and one vertical plates

15. Standard Cell voltage is measured by 
a. MI meter     b. MC meter    c. Potentiometer

16. The input resistance of the CRO is of the order of 
a. tens of ohm    b. mega ohm   c. kilo ohm   d. fraction of an ohm
Ans: ( b )

17. Errors are introduced in Wheatstone bridge due to 
a. lead resistance
b. contact resistance
c. some thing is given
d. all of the above
Ans: ( I think d )

18. HRC fuse and circuit-breaker combination is used CB operates for 
a. low over-load currents
b. high over-load currents
c. combination is never used
Ans: ( I think a )

19. G(s) = K / s(s+5)(s+1)  is given to find the value of K for stable operation

20. By increasing gain of the system root locus will 
a. moves away from poles
b. moves away from zeros
c. crosses imaginary axis
Ans: ( a )

21. When the load current is high while measuring power using wattmeter 
a. current coil is connected near load
b. pressure coil is connected near load

22. C = 0.01µF and L = 1 mH and current is 10 A and asked to find the voltage drop

23. Transmission line is terminated by R and no reflection is there, then the value of  R is ____
Ans: 400 ohm

24. One question regarding shunt ohm-meter and seriea ohm-meter

25. Inverted V curves are drawn between ____
Ans: field current  Vs power factor

26. Copper loss and Iron loss are given and asked to find at what fraction of full load max.efficiency occurs   ( easy to solve )

27. Aroud 3-4 questions from errors by giving resistance values with their standard deviation like 15 ± 5 % asked to find out the series combination error and parallel combination error likewise

28. Odd man out in aptitude about two questions

29. In reasoning finding the next diagram in series

30. One Antonym

31. Mainly you should perfect in tenses for solving English questions 

These are the questions I have remembered from my paper, I think major share in my question paper is from measurements and next AC machines


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