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L & T Infotech Interview Experience - Panipat, Oct 16&17 2014

Hey guys,

I want 2 share my interview experience with you all.

This was the off campus drive held at PIET panipat.

The whole procedure was divided into 4 parts,

1. Written test (apti. , verbal, reasoning),
2. GD,
3. Paragraph writing,
4. TR + HR.

So I reach the campus at 10 A.M. And we have our test at 2 P.M.

We have 2 do 60 question. In 60 min. So my suggestion is to skip the question which you think will take time. The whole matter was about time so be quick, IndiaBix online test proved to be very helpful as it can fasten your speed.

Then out of 3500, approx 285 were selected for GD.

I was one among them.

Group of 15 members were made randomly and my topic was "live in relationship" and finally 148 were qualified for interview.

Finally we have TR + HR on next day.

My interview goes for about 35 min.

They check your confidence and try to communicate with them as more as possible.

And finally I got selected.


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