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Hi Friends

I attended the HONEYWELL written test on 7th April 2007. The selection proceture has 4 rounds.

1st round-----------> written test
2nd round----------> tech interview
3rdd round----------> tech interview
4th round----------> HR interview

1st round
In first round they separated the whole candidates as two streams namely electronics stream and IT stream. we have separate paper according to our stream. I'm a EEE student so I come under electronics stream.

Ist round contains two types of paper
1) objective type
2) descriptive type

Objective type:
It contains 100 objective type questions.
50 tech [Electronics, DSP, Control Systems, Digital Sysrems, Micro processor, LIC and etc,]
30 C[structure, Array, pointer, data types, functions ]
20 aptitude[very eay R.S Agarval enough]
all in 100 minutes. 25% negative marking for each wrong answer.

Descriptive type:
It has two section
1) tech part [Electronics, DSP, Control Systems, Digital Sysrems, Micro processor, LIC and etc]---> 10 mark 
2) Programming part [ u've a option to choose C, C++, JAVA, .NET] ------->10 mark
All in 20 minutes

2nd round
I attuned it for about 1 hour.
all questions from basics from your dept [Electronics, DSP, Control Systems, Digital Sysrems, Micro processor, LIC and etc] and C, and mainly your project. Focus on your RESUME. That's very very important.

3rd round
I attended it for about 45 minutes, some what depth in your dept. and C. They (2 pannel) asked me about past interview experience in this round.

4th round
This is HR round. It was very easy. It contains genral questions like what's ur strength?, what your frinds think about u?, ur achivements and etc... I attended the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds in HONEYWELL TECH SOLLUTIONS, MADURAI.

I've been selected in HONEYWELL. The result was announced on May 14th, 2007 thro mobile.  


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