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L & T Infotech Interview Experience - Coimbatore, Oct 13&14, 2014

Hi guys,

Recently I had attended for interview for L & T Infotech(off-campus). It's like pool-drive being attended by 4 colleges almost 850 students. It consists of 5 rounds.

1. Online test(aptitude, logical, verbal).
2. Group Discussion.
3. Paragraph Writing.
4. Technical Interview.
5. HR Interview.

The rounds 1, 2, 4, 5 are elimination rounds whereas the round 3 is non-elimination round which is used for the analysis purpose in HR Interview.

On the first day:

Round 1: This round have 3 sections each consists of 20 questions(overall 60). It has sectional cutoff. So, most of the people are being filtered here.

Round 2: In this round the make a group of 15. Our group was given a topic on Swachh Bharat  possible or not? We were given 5 minutes to make the points, and then 15 minutes to discuss. They shortlisted based on: 

1. Correctness of what he/she speaks?
2. Quality of speech.

He disqualified the people who didn't try to speak until they were given chance by him atlast.
Finally we were 8 qualified.

Round 3: We were given a topic "How can you be a change-maker?"

After completion we were told to come back the next day.

Round 4: The technical interview is being conducted in two panels. I was in 1st panel. She concentrated mostly on resume, questions on our area of interest, and regarding "Why do you prefer IT?" She just seen mostly "How confident we are?" and our knowledge in the subjects.

The people who gone to the second panel, they were asked to write C programs in matrices, If he/she from IT they were being asked about DBMS.

Round 5: The general HR Interview is being conducted in two panels. I am in second panel. Even he have seen how confident you are, communication skills, "Are you looking professional or not?"
It was informed by people in first panel that it was almost like stress interview.

After HR Interview we were asked to leave and we were told that result will be sent to respective emails.

Waiting for long period we started to leave, and before we reached our destinations, they sent the selected candidates list to respected colleges placement cell e-mails.

It was informed that I got selected for L & T Infotech.

Don't lose hope, be confident before you go for any round, you can succeed in it.


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