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iGATE Interview Experience - Kolkata, November 14, 2014

Hi Guys, I attended the igate interview on 14th November 2014 at Kolkata. It was a pool of 12 colleges in which nearly 400+ student attended, out of which 85 could clear the aptitude and 56 got selected after the interview. My department is ECE.

The aptitude paper was very easy. It consisted of 50 ques which was to be solved in 60 mins. I think the cutoff was around 43-45. I somehow cleared the aptitude.

The interview was in two parts. 1. Technical Round 2.HR Round.

Technical Round: 

I went inside the room wished good afternoon and shaked hand.

TR: Introduce yourself.

Me: Introduced.

TR: Why should I hire you ? ( be ready to expect questions like this in tr round )

Me: Sir, My basic concepts of Academics are clear and if given a chance the I will be one of the most disciplined and dedicated employee of the company.

TR: You are an EC engineer what will you do at Igate ?

Me: Sir, iGATE is not limited to IT. I have read over the internet that it has got a working sector that deals with Telecom. So, I can be used over there.

TR: You heard about 4G.
Me: Sir 4G has not yet evolved completely its 4G LTE Long Term evolution.

TR: Ok tell me about that.
Me: Sir, I don't know much about that.

TR: OK you heard about 1G, 2G, 3G what are that ?
Me: Explained each in details.

TR: What is the range of frequency used by the Telecom providers in India ?
Me: Sir 900MHz for uplink and 1800 MHz for downlink and for 3G its 2100 MHz downlink.

TR: Whats this uplink and downlink ?
Me: Explained.

TR: Which is better CDMA or GSM ?

TR: Why ?
Me: Sir because CDMA is more secured than GSM.

TR: How ?
Me: Explained.

TR: Then GSM is so popular in India ?
Me: Sir, I don't know but I think may be GSM is cheaper than CDMA. I also added but sir now days WCDMA is very popular with 3G connections.

TR: Why GSM so popular in European countries and CDMA in North American countries ?
Me: Don't know sir.

He then looked into my CV.

TR: SO, you know both C and Java ? ( Giving a deadly smile) 
Me: Yes, Sir my basics are clear.

TR: Ok, The tell me the types of classes in java.
Me: Sir one is abstract class and the other one (concrete class) I don't remember.

TR: Ok, Tell me the various concepts of java.
Me: Polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction and encapculation.

TR: Ok , explain any one.
Me: explained.

TR: Ok Indranil I think I am done with you . You can now leave and wait for the HR.
Me: Thank you sir. 

The HR round was easy.

She asked me questions like 

Tell me about yourself. 
Describe your project (to check your english).
Family back ground.
Regarding favourite location. etc

The important thing is that you will have to be very confident and relaxed in front of the interviewer. I gave 2 interviews before in TCS and Bosch but never lost hope.

I am happy that finally when the results were declared after 5 days my name was on the list of the selected candidates.


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