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Hughes Sample Placement Paper III

Hughes Paper Pattern 

1. There was a circuit given using three nand gates with two inputs and one output. 
Find the output. 
 a) OR 
b) AND 
c) XOR 
d) NOT 
 Ans. (a) 

 2. Suggest a sorting algorithm which is efficient (in worst case) to 10 values 
 a) Binary tree 
b) Selection 
c) Bubble 
d) Any of the above 

 3. What is the number of comparisons in the worst case to merge two sorted lists containing n elements each. 
 a) 2n 
b) 2n-1 
c) 2n+1 
d) 2n-2 

 4.Iintegrated check value(ICV) are used as: 
 Ans. The client computes the ICV and then compares it with the senders value. 

 5. Question on client-server system using asychronous request from the client 

 6. If a binary tree is constructed using nodes with two pointers each, how many null pointers does a tree with N nodes have 
 a) n-1 
b) n 
c) n+1 
d) Depends on the number of edges 

 7. Which of following statements about heap is wrong 
 a) An n element heap has height log n(base of log is 2) 
b) Smallest element of heap is always a leaf 
c) A array in reverse sorted order is a heap 
d) A heap can t contain any element more than once 

 8. When applets are downloaded from web sites , a byte verifier performs _________? 
 Ans. Status check. 

 9. For the following C program 
 void insert(key,r) 
typekey key,data array r; 
{extern int n; 
if(n>=max) /*error table if full */ 
else r[n++].k=key; 

 This on executing, enables a 
 a) Basic sequential search 
b) Binary search 
c) Interpolation search 
d) None 

 10. Find the outpur of the following C program 
 void f(char *p) 
{p=(char *) malloc(6); 

void main( ) 
{char *P="bye"; 
printf("%s ,p); 

 11. Time taken to access cache is 100ns and to access memory is 1000ns. Hit ratio given. Find the average access time 

 12. Path testing is 
 a) Black box testing strategy 
b) White box testing strategy 
c) An installation ......... 
d) An enviornment 

 13. X:verification asks are we building the right product Y:validation asks are we building the product right 

 14. Which one of the following can t be used to find an internet address given the domain name 
 a) /etc/host 
b) NIS yellow pages 
c) DNS 
d) ARP 

 15. Flow control is necessary for the transport protocol layer due to the following reasons 
 a) Unreliable link 
b) Congestion at receiver 
c) Packets out of sequence 
d) None of these 

  16. In public key encryption, if A wants to send a message to B so that no one else can read the message then A encrypts the message using 
 a) A s public key 
b) A s private key 
c) B s public key 
d) B s private key 

 17. Which of the following is not condition having a deadlock resource previous granted, can be forcebly taken away from a process 
 a) Resources need to be used in mutually exclusion fashion 
b) Process can request new resources, as they continue to hold on to old ones 
c) Here is a cycle in the resource allocation graph 

 18. An IP/IPX packet received by a computer using... having IP/IPX both how the packet is handled. 
 Ans. Read the, field in the packet header with to send IP or IPX protocol. 

 19. The range of the 32 bit number in two s complement form is _______ 

 20. Cyclomatic complexity 
{if((x=0) or (y=0)) 
i=i+1; } 

 21. Activation record will contain the 
 a) Storage for simple names 
b) Information about attributes for local names 
c) Return address 
d) All of the above 

 22. Global static variable within a file is intended to 
 a) Localize swap 
b) Retain value persistently 
c) Define constant 
d) Fixed address in memory 

 23. Why is thread switch faster than a process switch 

 24. What is the binary equivalent of 41.6875 

 25. Checkpoint value will be calculated in 

 26. DHCP is used for 
 a) IP address allocation 
b)dynamic host configuration protocol 

 27. For the following C program 
 int x(char *a) 
{a=(char *) malloc(10*sizeof(char)); 

{char *a="new"; 

 The output is 
 a) Hello 
b) New 
c) Hello new 
d) Run time error 


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