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Hi Friends

First of all a very good luck to you. Although I didnt much take the exam seriously I would suggest you to work for it because its worth it!

I just gave the exam for Electronics branch n found it quite okay.. not at all impossible..

As you must be knowing, 40 questions comprising of English (grammar, synonyms etc), general knowledge (I dunno where they get those questions from!), general quantitative aptitude questions (series... quite easy ie. solvable if thought over). And rest 120 technical questions from:

- Digital circuits (karnaugh maps etc...)      
- electronic circuit theory (all ckts ie. voltage series, current series etc.. and their formulae n properties)      
- Antennas, wave prop      
- Communication systems (all types of modulation:analog  and digital, preemphasis, receiver ckts... etc etc)      
- Control system engg (bode plot, nyquist, root locus etc...)      
- Mathematics (equation solvin, laplace etc)      
- Pulse n switchin circuits (schmitt trigger, etc..) and so on…

4 options given for each question n hell no negative markin!!! :-D

The ones I remember:
1)  Kolkotta: hoogly, rangoon :? A]brahmaputra b]harbour c] n d] don remem..
2)  Which flower was brought from Madagascar to India outta following.. a]hibiscus b]…
3)  Opposite of word ‘quell’
4)  Preemphasis involves ------ of signal.. a]expansion b] compression….
5)  Sum of prime nos. betn 61 to 75…(hell easy.. you see now?)
6)  Ic,Ir,alpha given, find Ib… for a given typa ckt…
7)  End fire antenna how many times stronger than broad array ant…
8)  System is stable if..a]root locus on neg side ..somethin like tht(sorry!)
9)  Schmitt trigger used for a] delay b]…..
10) 1K in Dig elec means a]1000 bits b]1024 c]…  (Phew!.. hehe)
11) Puranas contain a]hymns of god b]mythology c]about life….
12) Campaigns have to be stopped how many hours before actual poll…in India ..
13) Jog falls are formed by which four streamlets….?
14) Calculative sums  on modulation .. don’t remember!
15) L1, L2 given find Mutual inductance…
16) Somethin about servo motor..


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