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Hello Friends

I am glad to say you all that I got selected in Caritor.

Coming to the Selection Process. It has 5 rounds
1. Written test(Aptitude)
2. Written evaluation(one essay topic)
3. Group Discussion
4. Technical round
5. HR round.

In our college the selection was conducted for 3 colleges.Our college K.L.C.E and another 2 colleges LBRCE,PVPSIT.The selection was for 2006 passed out batch and the current final year students. The total ppl who attended the written test were 819 and 390 got through the written test.

The written test was very easy. All most many questions were from R.S.Agarwal. It had logical, distance, time, sequence problems. The written test was for 1hr which has 45 questions. No negative marking

After written test 390 people got selected.
These 390 were divided into 31 groups.Each group comprising of 13 members.

As soon as the Written test was over, these 390 students were given white papers and were asked to write an essay.The ESSAY topic was:"TELL US THE 3 things U WOULD LIKE TO IMPROVE IN YOUR UNIVERSITY"

After that they collected the papers according to the groups. The written evaluation had it's effect when there was any tie during GD .ie if all were doing well in GD they looked at this essay topic and eliminated.

The GD was an elimination round. On an average 4-5 ppl were taken from each group which had 13 in each. But there was 1 group where they took 9 ppl out of 13.

The Gd topics were 
1) Communism VS Democracy
2) Mobile phones in campus
3) privitization of Banks
4) Reservation for Women and so on.......some general topics.
They looked at how well you are talking.But do try to initiate with good points which will fetch you.

Then after GD round there were around 160 students.

All this process went on DAY1 ie Aug 24.On that day itself some groups had their technical round late night.

Then on DAY 2 we had technical rounds.This was also an elimination round. They concentrated on SQL,C in general,but for NON-IT(ie Mechanical, IPE, Civil---) the technical was also a HR round.

Then after Technical round there were around 100-120 students for HR round.

The HR round completed late until 9:00pm on DAy2 ie Aug 25(today).

Finally we got results and 80 were selected.I am one among them.

So guys to get into caritor be good at communication and you shud be quick in doing Aptitude test (Follow RS agarwal). Don't neglect any round. You also need to be patient through out the process bcoz u need to wait for long time for every round in those days. I think that patience worked for me.


So ALL THE BEST for future Aspirants.


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