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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - Vidyavardhinis college of engineering(vartak), Mumbai, 22 and 23 September 2014

Hi guys,

I am from EXTC Department. Recently attended interview of L&T InfoTech. It consisted of several rounds in selection process.

ROUND - 1:

It consists of Pencil and Paper Aptitude consisting of 60 questions in total with time limit 60mins.

Whole paper is divided into 3 rounds.

1. Quantitative - Consists of questions on,
Pipes and Cisterns, percentage, profit loss, Age, Average, Time and work.

2. Logical Reasoning - Consists of questions such as,
Ex. All Windows are Glass, Sum glass are Nails then which statements are true

i. Sum Nails are Windows.
ii. All Glass are Nails.

Along with this there were other variety of questions on statement and assumptions, statement and conclusion, cause and affect, course of action.

3. Verbal section - 
On Answer sheet each section has 20 Questions. i.e 20+20+20=60.

You can jump between the sections.

Since, there is SECTIONAL CUT-OFF so it is mandatory to attempt all the sections.


i. Try to attempt as many questions preferably more than 14 from each section in first shot rather then attempting all 20 Questions Of a particular section.

ii. Later if time permits then try attempting remaining questions or difficult ones.

This was all about aptitude. In which, I got selected and nature of questions were easy.

ROUND - 2:

Further moving on to next round it was GD:

All the selected students were divided in group 11 or 12.

The Topic assigned to my group was "Impact of western culture on Indian culture"
a very easy topic!! 


i. Try to come up with some unique points rather then most obvious points.

ii. And never say "I disagree. " in-case you don't agree with anyone's point
Instead say "Would you please justify if the case is (your counterpoint)"
Finally 8 of us were selected out of 11.

ROUND - 3:

The next round followed by this round was PARAGRAPH WRITING.

This round was a non-elimination round but its marks would be accounted in case of ties between two candidates so don't take it lightly.

The Topic was "What 3 changes I would like to bring as PM?".

ROUND - 4:


They asked Questions Such as:

1. Since I had 3 backlogs so they asked Why you got so many backlogs?

2. What you studied in Programming?

3. Do all properties can be inherited from one class to another in C++?

4. (Most Important) Study about your projects thoroughly in case if you have worked on any projects in SE or TE, Or else study BE project well.

5. Since you have mentioned about your leadership qualities in which situation you have displayed it?

6. What Qualities you observed while recruiting your team members for your project?

7. Do you think you took any wrong decision during selection or development of project?

8. Any questions from your side?

The HR smiled and said that's all.


i. If you are good in programming have Sound knowledge, Be sound with your projects in depth, Be confident, speak with poise and be clear about what you are saying, Lastly be Honest because they're experts in spotting your weakness.

After you clear Technical HR interview be relaxed that you are almost selected.

Success Ratio was 11 out of group of 13.

ROUND - 5:


It happened on DAY-2.

They asked Questions Such as:

1. Since I had 3 backlogs so they asked Why you got so many backlogs?

2. They gave me a puzzle to solve based on matrix of 3x3 to find a missing 9th number from remaining 8 numbers

3. Are you ready to relocate?

4. Since composing poems is your hobby then recite your any poem >>>

5. Any questions from your side?

That's all for you.

On 26th results were declared in which I got selected!!

So, friends Winners Don't DO Different Things But They Do Things Differently!!

Even though I was rejected from INDIAN ARMY 3 times & INDIAN NAVY 2 times
and also from NEEBAL technologies but Finally I got selected here.

So, don't lose confidence and have faith in your abilities and harness your full potential.



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