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Hi Friends

I gave written on 15 Sept2007 at MAIT, Rohini. Selection at Oracle consists of

1. Written test (Tech + apti - 1hr - 60Q's)
2. Group Discussion
3. 3 Tech rounds (will be held at Oracle, Noida/Gurgaon)
4. 1 HR round

There were 4 different sets, it was offcampus drive. Around 175 shortlisted after GD's out of 800. I am sorry I don't remember much questions but I will give u a brief idea.

Technical exam was very simple. It was below oracle standard. They asked questions related to oracle 8i, 9i features.

There were questions from C, JAVA, DBMS.

1. Which storage class can't be used to initialize an array.
a) register   b) auto   c) extern   d) static.

2. Can decomposition property of dbms be achieved using reflexivity, augmentation & transitivity rule?

3. They gave an example of hierarchal database (that started with c n of two words) and asked whether is it true or false. 

4. Select all the right definition and declaration of a function
a) Multiply(void)
b) Multiply()   -ans
c) Int multiply()   -ans
d) Int multiply(void)

5. void static main(String args[])
int i =0;
case(0) : System.out.println("0");
default : System.out.println("9");
case(1) : System.out.println("1");
what would be the output?
a) 0  b) 091  c) 09  d) Error: Default misplaced.

6. select the options which will work
a) void static main(String)
b) public void static main(Strigs args[])
c) void main(Strings args[])
d) static void main(Strings args[])

7, There was a question on functional dependency something like.. XY->Z, A->X then can we say AY->Z ? ans yes

Most of the questions were from Java and 5 -6 ques from ORACLE 8i o 9i.

In aptitude paper,
7. There was question on Fahrenheit n Celsius, at what temperature they would be of same degree. Like 0'c is equals to 34'c and 64'f is equals to 108'f..then find out. (Figues may not be the same).

8. There was a puzzle from shakuntala devi, where in, 9 circles are given, each line had 3 circles joined by vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. We were required to find out the numbers, which can fit in the figure such that every line has total sum of 15. and digits allowed were from 1-9 and none should be repeated. There were 3-4 questions on it. 

9. There was a problem on ages given, had a long relationship structure. Most of us found it difficult to solve. And it again had 3-4 ques based on it.

10. There was a table given of students of class, which had various 5 sections. All of them plays only game and everyone does. In the table,

Games    Sec A    Sec B   C   D   E   Total Students  
Volley ball
Total Boys
Complete Data was filled in the table. Girls were 25% in numbers in each class. And there were 5 questions given based on this table.

There were around 6-7 questions on the jumbled up sentences, which we were supposed to arrange in sequence.

Q. There was question on train, to find the length of train. It was lil difficult.

Q. One dearer quality product mixed with the cheaper one, and ratio of the mixture was to be calculated. Sp was given and profit %n was given

Q. One question on equations. It was to find the equation, which has 2 more roots than the given equation.

Q. Ques on Cuboid. It was to be wrapped up with the tape. Parameters of the cuboid were given. Tape should not overlap. Total Length of tape required was asked.

Rest of the apti questions were very easy and from r.s aggarwal.

GD Topics.
1. Impact of globalization on Indian economy & culuture.
2. Is Management education required?
3. Hockey or cricket should be our national game.?
4. Red colour?
5. Sting operations

I got through,  Written n GD, now waiting for the interviews date. 


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