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Hi Friends

I wrote HAL written test for the post Management Trainee on 13th nov 2008. I belong to the stream - computer science.

General structure: (totally 160 questions - 2:30 hrs)
G.K - 20 questions 
Aptitude - 20 questions
Technical - 120 questions

some of the questions i do remember:

General Knowledge :

1. Director of famous teleserial "MAHABHARATA"? Ans: B.R.Chopra

2. Which spice in Europe called "Black Gold"? Ans: pepper

3. Find the odd man out: NABARD, BEL, ONGC, NHPC

4. The magic spell to open the door in Harry Potter?

5. How many members in Rajya sabha? Ans: Max strength-250, actual strength-245

Aptitude :

1. When the hands of the clock are opposite to each other between 4 and 5?

2. J/R : 11/10 :: T/K : ?

3. shave : ? : : Knife : cut   Options : a)razor b)mirror c)lather…..

4. Given the volume of the cube,hw many litres it can hold? Ans: know the relation 1cu.m= 1kl(1000 litres)

5. Many questions were like asking the next expected figure,given a sequence of figures  

Technical questions :
Most of the questions were from Theory of computation, try to learn the basics of compiler design (I dont exactly remember those ques)

Programming languages :
Topics covered were: operator overloading, friend functions, virtual functions, 'this' pointer (know the concepts exactly)


1. auto variables when uninitialized,the default value is ? Ans: garbage value

2. scanf("%d,%d,%d",&a,&b,&c) 
The input is 123456'
wat is the value in a,b,c?

Digital circuits and Computer architecture :
- Concentrate on logic families (especially TTL,CMOS- power supply and related questions)
- Know all the gates logic (NAND, NOR)
- Know all the number conversion (dec-hexa, hexa-octal, octal-hexa and all such ....)
- Know the number arithmetic (1's & 2's complement,sign and magnitude)-also their range of representation for n bit no.

1. How many represntation are in, mod-6 counter ? also know no. of flipflops needed?

2. 8086 - hw many bit processor? Ans :16

3. 1111 (a binary no) - 1111 (a binary no)= ? (in binary no)

4. Binary information stored in ? a) ans: registers b) flipflop ....

5. GPU stands for - Ans: Graphics Processing Unit

6. What is a Peripheral?

7. x * y = x + y
z = x * y  
x * x =? (Boolean expressions)

8. The data rate of USB 2.0 /     Ans: 480 megabits/s

Data structure :
Know the complexities of all trees, sorting, searching algortihms some of the ques from Analysis of algorithm(DAA)

1. For n non leaf nodes,how many nodes in the full binary tree?   Ans: 2n+1

The test I attended has no questions from computer networks, DBMS (but there is a certainity for you) Comparatively the paper is quiet easy and the time is sufficient too.

Refresh the concepts of our core subjects completely and if you do so then the test would be an absolute doddle!


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