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Robert Bosch - Hyderabad, 4th August 2012

Hi friends this is Kranthi Kiran. I am from CBIT with ECE group.

I am happy that i got placed into Robert Bosch recently.Here i will share my experience.go ahead.

We were informed well before (about 10days before) that Robert Bosch was about to visit our college.we were informed that the date written test was 4th August 2012 and this time it was online and the interviews would be on 9th.

I was not interested in writing the test because i dont know any about the company and what it is about.how ever i decided to write for the sake of experience.

The test consisted of 

(i) Verbal Aptitude-30qn
(ii) Quant and logical-30qn
(iii) Technical -30Qn

Some people got Quant as most part.Among these verbal was somemuch difficult.As i had'nt prepared much i felt so.technical was completely on very basics.
Main topics are Op-amp,8085 mp,eletronic devices and C.

Out of some 210 students 52 cleared written.On 9th we had our interviews
it had two sections.

1. Technical and 2. HR interview

Before these we had preplacement-talk.I actively participated in that and answered some questions they asked.
In technical total there were 4 pannels. Most of the people were asked mainly C. some basic programs like fibonacci sequence,polyndrome, matrix multiplication etc.
some were asked some logical based questions like C program for SR flip flop.

I asked to write some logic for programming of a traffic signals such that when a car passes by them they  should be lighted green only one every time.I dint get the question first but tried to approach it.finally he gave the answer.

I was asked about my project, about the paper presentation which i put in my resume.i answered all of them confidently.Still he asked some basics about flip flops,flip flop conversions,counters etc.which i answered completely.

Finally he asked to write a C program for exponential without using any library function.i wrote some formula and somehow wrote the C code for it.
Though i dint answer some questions my way of approaching impressed him much.Finally out of 52 ,25 were promoted for HR round

Coming to this HR was easier than any thing.The only thing you should do is just follow ur heart. Don't ever try to bluff the interviewer, they always search for honest people.though you have negatives don't hesitate to disclose them but tell in positive way.

I was asked about myself,my family back ground,my future 5year plan,goals in my life,what i did in my engineering etc.
For all i answered them honestly.I disclosed him my weaknesses but I also said that I  was trying to overcome them with some examples.

Finally he asked me whether i prefer Bangalore or Coimbathoor if i get selected.
(by this time it was cleared to me that i was almost selected).I said bangalore.I was asked reason for that.But he however convinced me that finally i told him any of them is ok for me to join.

That way my interview has gone..after two days results were out out of 25, 20 of them were selected for Bosch and I was one of them.

Friends i hope you like my review. All the very best.!


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