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iGate Corporation Interview Experience - Mumbai, Oct 1st, 2014

Hi all,

I want to share my aptitude and interview experience of iGate.

Company : iGate Corporation.
Place - Mumbai.
Date - 1/10/2014.
Colleges - Pool Campus (DJ Sanghvi, Rajiv Gandhi, Don Bosco).
Students Appeared :150+.


1) Aptitude Test.
2) Technical interview.
3) HR Interview.

1) Aptitude Test:

Marks : 50.
Sections : 3 (Verbal, Quantitative, Analytic).
Type : Paper (OMR Sheet).
Duration : 1 hour.
Negative Marking : None.

I) Verbal :(overall easy).

Preparation : IndiaBix

1) Passage (very very very easy) (tip : read questions first and then find the answer).
2) Antonyms.
3) Synonym.
4) Error Correction.
5) Find missing word.
6) Fill missing articles.
7) Prepositions.
8) Syllogisms.
9) Fill correct article..etc.

II) Quantitative (easy).

Preparation : RS Agarwal, Indiabix.

1) Profit and loss.
2) Percentage.
3) Area and volume.
4) Boats and Stream.
5) Time and work.
6) Time distance Speed.
7) Train.
8) Average.
9) Ages .
10) Interests..etc.

III) Analytical (Logical) (easy).

Preparation : Indiabix.

1) Matching figure.
2) Analogy.
3) All roads are highway all buildings are road.
4) Statement and Assumption...etc.

Suggestion : Questions are very easy you just have to manage the time. And if u cannot complete the paper just mark all answer in the last minute because there is no negative marking, but try to complete the paper as the cut off is high.
After one hour result was announced and only 50 students cleared the aptitude test and luckily I was one of them :)

After that shortlisted students had to fill the form and interview process started within 15 mins.

Technical and HR interview took place one after another, no rejection as such after tech round.

2) Technical Interview (One on One).

Duration : 15-20 mins.

Me : Hello (Don't wish good afternoon of good evening if u are not sure :P).
Sir : Hi, have a seat.
(also don't sit until they ask to sit and also take pencil along with you).

Sir : Introduce your self?
Me : Answered.

Sir : From which college you are (as it was a pool campus)?
Me : Answered.

Sir : Tell me about B.E. project?
Me : Answered.
(Please be thorough with the every details of your project as they specifically as for BE project, even I just read 15 mins before the interview about all the algorithms which are going to be used in project :P, as my project is based on machine learning he asked me to explain all the algorithms in details).

Sir : Show the flow of your project (input, processing, output).
Me : Answered.

Sir : Which technology you are going to use in your project?
Me : Answered.

Sir : What is DBMS?
Me : Answered.

Sir : Can you write the query?
Me : Yes.

Sir : What is update statement?
Me : Answered.
(always give example by drawing table and writing the query on the paper).

Sir : Are you aware of latest technology? (Big data, Cloud Computing, mobile tech, wearable technology).
Me : Answered.

Sir : What is Big Data?
Me : Answered.

Sir : What is Hadoop?
Me : It is technology developed By yahoo for big data(sir was impressed).

Sir : Tell me about your family background?
Me : Answered.

Sir : Your dad's occupation?
Me : Answered.

Sir : what about mom?
Me : Answered.

Sir : Any siblings and what they do?
Me : Answered (i was gone blank for a while and could'nt remember the name of my brother college :P so be prepared for this type of question in Tech round).

Sir : Which values did you learn from your parent? (honesty, respect, cooperation)
Me : Honesty (it was very quick answer).

Sir : If you get choice for working in Networking and Software Development (Give diplomatic answer).
Me : I am ready to work in any field but if i get choice i'll go with Software Development.

It was not really technical but be prepared for pure technical round because many of my friends were asked only technical questions.

Tip: Don't be afraid of interview as interviewers are very experienced they can easily identify by your body language,stay calm and confident.

After 5 mins I was supposed to go for HR round:
3) HR Round:

Duration : 10 min.
(Generally assumed  as time pass round but it is not ,so please take this as seriously as tech round,candidates are also judged in this round. Be prepared for the question like Introduction,ready to relocate,plan for further studies,strengths and weakness)

Me : Hello.
Mam : Hello, have a seat.

Mam : Introduce yourself?
Me : Answered.

Mam : Your Strengths?
Me : Answered.

Mam : Your Weakness and what you do to overcome that?
Me : Answered.

Mam : Any plan for further studies.
Me : No because of financial Financial problem (though it is not,after this they wont any question on this :P :P :P).

Mam : Ready to relocate?
Me : Yes.

Mam : Ready to work in shifts?
Me : Yes.

Mam : What do you know about iGate?
Me : Answered (Again gone blank for a while as i really didn't read about the company)
Tip : Always read about the company before interview (founder, locations, CEO, past CEO, stock rate, revenue, profit etc..).

It lasted max for 10 mins and we were told to leave as results were announced after 5-6 working days.
After 10 days (5 working days) list of selected Students was mailed to respective TPOs  and out of 50, 37  students form 3 colleges were selected and I was one of them :D.

I would really like to thank others who have shared their experience and also Indiabix for giving platform to share experience.

All the best and hope everyone crack the interview.

Good luck have fun :D :D :D.


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