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Dear Friends

I have attended the written test conducted by MeritTrack for Virtusa on Dec 2nd. The test has 5 sections.
   1.) Verbal Ability                           25 Questions       20 Min 
   2.) Analytical Ability                      25 Questions       30 Min
   3.) Attention to Details                   20  Questions      20 Min 
   4.) C & DataStructure                   40  Questions      30 Min
   5.)  Learning Ability                       10  Questions      25 Min

Verbal Ability section contains basic questions on articles,english grammer, find the wrong word, 2 Rc's ,e.t.c. This section is easy to clear and need to know the rules of grammer. For Meanings read only high frequency words from Barrons.

Analytical Ability section deals with problems from set theory, family relations, basic puzzles (based on cubes...). Prepare from RS Agarwal.

Attention to Details section contains problems based of maths. For ex : if * denotes + ,/ denotes -,+ denotes -,- denotes *, then find value of 4*5+3-2/8. The section also contains questions based on semilarities. For ex : choose which are similar : 514.135798,514.135799,514.137598,514.135798.

C & Data Structures section contain more questions on find the output of the code.Many contains pointers.So best thing is to prepare pointers & generally select the small question & do them first .Then go for big questions that contain a page long codes.  

LearningAbility section deals with more on whether u can grasp the important points from the pera. In this section we are given with 3 pages long essay that contain diagrams,numbers,new techniques,new names. We are given with 10 min time to read the essay. Then they will take  the essay scripts. Now questions based on the essay are given. 10 questions, 15 min. For this section the best thing is to remember all the new terms and values.Also understand the concept of the essay.
The essay given to us based on microctollers that provide cryptographic functionality.  


By God grace i have been shortlisted for the next process. On Dec 7th we were called for GD & PersonalInterview.

GROUP DISCUSSION : A panel of 8 members will be there as a team for GD. We will be given a topic and time frame given to us was 1 min. Then we can start the GD. Just follow the rules of GD. The discussion time is 10 min. At the end every one is asked to give their opinion.
15 min later we were shortlisted for the Technical round.

TECHNICAL INTERVIEW :  It lasted for 1 hr.
1. Tell me about ur self?
2. What r ur strengths & weekness?
3. Tell me about ur project?
4. What is OSI model?
5. What is TCP model?
6. Whar are ur interesting areas other than programming?
7. What are deadlocks? 
8. Explain Printer spooler problem?
9. What is RDBMS?
10.What is Normalization?
11.What is 3NF?
12.Question on Procedure?
13.Asked to write a simple program in c?
14.Asked a simple program in DS?
15.Give a non computer related realworld example for stack & queue?
16.What are the software processes?
17.Difference between waterfall model & iterative model?
18.Which model u used for ur project?
19.He gave a realtime situation and asked me to analyze it and derive requirements?
20.Which phase of the SDLC you like most & why?

After 1 hr, I was informed that i was shortlisted for HR round. 

HR INTERVIEW : It lasted for 45 min 
1. Tell me about ur self that is not mentioned in the resume?
2. What r ur hobbies?         My Ans : Drawing, Reading mythological books.
3. All the questions were rotated on my hobbies since the interviewer was good at drawing.
4. Why Virtusa?
5. Is this Job a need or passion for you?
6. If u were given opportunity to judge 7 wonders of India, what is ur list?
7. Who is ur rolemodel in drawing?
  Ans asked few more questions relating to philosophy.

After 15 min, i was informed that i got shortlisted(selected) and asked me to collect  the offerletter on so & so day.



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