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L & T Infotech Interview Experience - Vidhyavihar, Mumbai, 11 and 12 september 2014.

Hi aspiring Freshers,

I attended the campus placements rounds for L & T Infotech. I will directly come to the imp points.

1st round: APTITUDE TEST (60 questions, 20 in each section, 60 mins).

It consists of three section quants, verbal ability and logical reasoning, you can jump between the sections.

It included questions from (refer R S Agarwal).

1 - Time and Distance.
2 - Percentage.
3 - Average.
4 - Age.
5 - Pipes and Cisterns.
6 - Time and Work.

For verbal ability study synonyms and antonyms, blood relations, spotting error, reading comprehension.

For logical reasoning study statement and assumptions, statement and conclusion, cause and affect, course of action.

The exam was easy. But still I was scared for the results, yet I got selected.

2nd round: GD.

The topic was "nothing is wrong in live-in relationship ".

Be clear about your points and everyone there is to prove themselves, so you have to speak up and we were told to conclude also, so try to give a short and apt conclusion. The GD round happened late at night, so the technical and HR round happened next day.

3rd round: Technical Round.

I was very scared for this as being an extc student I was not well versed in C++ or Java.

The questions asked were,

1 - Tell me about yourself?
2 - Difference between TCP/IP and arp (this was asked because I wrote computer networks as my area of interest) ?
3 - Difference between Java and C++?
4 - What do you mean by platform independent?
5 - What is and OS?
6 - Program on addition of two numbers?
7 - Tell me why should L & T hire U?

By this, I was very very nervous and doubtful about my selection even though I answered most of them. The interview lasted about half and hour. And when I came to know I was selected it was unbelievable yet a happy moment.

4th round: HR Round.

This round was very simple, not to be scared at all, if you clear technical, you're almost selected.

1 - Tell me about yourself?
2 - Your academic achievement?
3 - Are you ready to relocate?
4 - Is your family supportive about that?

Thats all. It lasted less than 15 mins.

After 2 days the results came and I was selected. I as very happy. Be confident and answer. I could not prepare for Accenture and Infosys, yet got here. So don't lose hope and prepare well.

All the best guys.


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