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iGate Interview Experience - Mumbai, October 7, 2014

It was a pool campus at Chembur. Three colleges had participated in it. First they gave 1-hour talk regarding the services they provide and what they expect from us. Then there was an aptitude test on OMR sheet which contained quantitative, verbal and logical questions. It was very easy. Only the factor to be considered was time. 50 questions for 60 minutes. Dont waste time on OMR sheet details filling. At the end they give you extra time to do so if its remaining. 

After 1 hour the results were announced. Out of 150 something students, 49 cleared the aptitude test. Then they gave two forms to fill regarding no gaps in education, ready to relocate etc. Due to lack of time, they decided to take HR and technical in any order, not specifically Technical and then HR.

HR round: 

1) How much you scored in CET?
2) What your parents do?
3) Are you ready to relocate for job? (Say yes).
4) Have you talked to your parents regarding this?
5) What do you know about Igate?
6) Is this your 1st campus interview?

Be honest and confident regarding your answers. Don't stummer.

Technical round: 

1) Are you java certified?
2) What are interfaces?
3) Polymorphism?
4) Abstract classes?

The panel also asked HR questions like your interests, how are you feeling right now?

Exactly after a week, results were announced and from my college, 12 students out of 17 who cleared apti were selected.


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