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Hi Friends

I wrote HAL Management Trainee online test on May 29, 2008. I belong to PRODUCTION discipline. I think there is no previous exam paper available for production engg so this might be useful for production enggs. I cleared the written test.

The paper had 160 questions, out of which
Aptitude + English + General Awarness-40

Books needed are 'Production technology (manufacturing process)' and 'Production Engineering' by R.K Sharma. These 2 books are enough to clear the test. if you didn't get these books then prepare with 'Workshop Technology (volume 1&2)' by Hajra choudry. I think 80% written test marks and 20% interview marks will be taken so prepare well for written test.

For Aptitude refer R.S.Agarwal, 

For English concentrate on tense, preposition etc, if yo have sound general awareness you can answer G.K questions.

Interview was held on 11th june in Bangalore.
There were 5 members in the panel. the questions were very basic like
tell about yourself
explain your project
area of interest (i said foundry tech)
explain sand casting,
uses of runner, riser, gates
explain investment cating,
why you want to join HAL.

So friends put your full effort remember "Hard work alone brings SUCCESS". I was selected finally.. during your struggling days your future might seem to be dark... but never give up!!! if there is darkness remember there is light somewhere.... so don't loose your heart..


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