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  These are some Caritor Inc. (IT soln) materials  in our college, out of 250 odd, 72 shortlisted for GROUP INTERVIEW
                        GROUP INTERVIEW                 
          (HR type but 10 ppl at a time, i.e. around the interviewer )--- std questions for each of the ppl: tell me abt urself? wt can u contribute to the company as an individual? how do u see urself in 3 years? why dint u get selected in the prev campus placement prgm and wt did u learn frm them? here he mainly sees ur CONFIDENCE , UR EXPRESSIONS and UR ABILIY TO CONVEY THE MESSAGE bcos the work involves lot of travel to US and UK where u will struggle if u dont have these things
          10 were shortlited for FINAL interview: 9 got selected (1 EEE, 5 ECE,            2 IT 1 CSE)
The test is of on-line type and it consists of two sections, I'll list them in detail later. Please note down ur serial no., ur batch & time of test from the xl chart sent by the placement officer. You'll have to log on to ur screen & enter some preliminary details. Then u can proceed to either of the following two sections first... though both of them are mandatory. When in a section, you can answer questions in any order and re-check the results (unlike GRE). An automatic clock will be running for 30 mts for each section.
When done, u can 'exit the test' and go to the next section. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON LOG OFF BEFORE YOU FINISH THE ENTIRE TEST!
          1. Aptitude (GRE pattern -- verbal + maths)
          30 Questions in 30 mts -- you'll have to be really fast! 
          Verbal was manageable it seems and for maths, pl. refer RS Aggarwal.
          Key areas in maths -- Permutation-Combination; Trigonometry
          Get the questions from ur friends in the previous batches...these tend            to repeat.
          2. Technical Section: (C or C++)
          30 Questions in 30 mts.
          key areas in C --> POINTERS, Looping & general input-output
sample quesion: for (i=1; i=3; i++) { <body of the loop } -- how many times will the loop get executed ? Ans: JUST ONCE (i.e. when i = 3)
C++ key areas --> OOPS concepts in and out Constructors-destructors; dynamic binding; polymorphism; inheritance etc.
Suggestion: If u're strong enuf in pointers, u might consider C; else if u're confident b't ALL the OOPS concepts, u'd want C++.
I took the test before three weeks, Here are few of the questions i remember. There are two sections The aptitude section is very easy
          1.aptitude(30 minutes,30 questions)
there would be five options, out of which one word would belong to the same category as the remaining words.
          *logical reasoning (like GRE,but easy)
          1.what would be the next figure in the sequence
          *quantitative aptitude
          *time and work (easy)
          *allegation and mixture
a's concentration is 10%,b's 20%,c's 30%.the liquids are mixed in the ratio 1:2:3. the resultant concentration of the mixture is 23%.find each's concentration. (I am not sure about the numbers)
*time and distance in a 100m race 'a' is ahead of 'b' by 10feets.if the speed of b is increased by 3m/s she is ahead of 'a' by 10feets in 120m race. find the speed of 'a'.
          *age (easy)
          *data interpretation
          (questions were asked from the above models for me)
          2.c or c++ (it's your choice to choose one,30 minutes,30 questions)
          it was bit tough
          *function pointer
          struct emp
          Int a;
          char b;
          struct mn
          double c;
          struct emp d;
          } q;
          ans:11(check it)
          *char a="kamal";
          char p*="anand";
          a)compilation error
          b)runtime error
          c)work properly
          *char a[]={10,20,20,30};
          char *p;
          int b;
*if there is a global variable defined in another file is it necessary to define it again in the current program.
Numerical ability
A cube object 3 inch * 3inch*3inch is painted with green in all the outer surfaces. If the cube is cut into cubes of 1*1*1.How many 1 inch cubes will have at least one surface painted.
        A) 8 b) 26 c) 27 d) none
2) Singles table tennis tournament is held at IT solutions, in which 32 players participated. If a player is eliminated as soon as the player loses a match. How many matches are required to determine the winner?
        A) 8 B) 26 C) 27 D) none
3) There are 200 employees in a company. An external vendor is chosen to serve coffee twice a day. 100 coffee cups were offered by the company but as an incentive to have the cups in tact at the end of the day the company offered 30 paise for every cup remained safely and charged 90 paise for every broken cup. At an end of a day, the vendor received Rs. 4. How many cups did the vendor break?
        A) 20 b) 5 c) 10 d) 8
4) A box contains 16 balls of 4 different colors green, blue, yellow and red - 4 each. If you were to close your eyes and pick them at random, how many marbles must you take out to be sure that at least 2 of 1 color among the marbles picked out?
        A) 4 b) 5 c) 6 d) 14
5) If 8 tyres were used on a bus (6 tyres) which has traveled 16000 km how many km did each tyre sustain, if all the tyres were used equally in sustaining this distance.
        A) 2000 B) 16000 c) 12000 d) 10000
6) A company purchased 3 computer tables in 1995. As the company wanted to renovate the office, sold these tables at Rs 2400 each making a profit of 20% on one. No profit on 2nd table and 20% loss on 3rd table. What is the company get in this transaction?
        . A) No loss & no profit b) Rs 200 loss c) Rs 800 loss d) Rs 400 loss
7) A software comp was advertised to recruit people with exposure to C and C++. 241 applications were received and on sorting out it was found that 40 of them don't have exposure to c and c++. 180 of them had exposure to c and 186 of them had exposure to c++ .how many of them had exposure to c only
        A) 165 b) 15 c) 180 d) 150
8)A fraction has the denominator greater than its numerator by 4 but if you add 10 to the denominator the value of the fraction is 18
        A) 1 B) 1 C) 3 D) 2
9) A farmer owns a square land of 15m each side with a pole in one of the corner to which he tied his cow with a rope of length 10m. Find area to the cow to grass ( pi=3)
        A) 150 SQ.M B) 125 C) 75 D) DATA MISSING
        10) Avg of x & y is 12 if z is 9 what is the avg of x, y, z
        A)11b)6.5 c)5 d) data missing
11) In a certain shop note books that normally sold for 59 cents each are on sale at 2 for 99 cents. How much can be saved by purchasing 10 of this note books at the sale place
        A)$0.85 B)$1 C)$0.95 D)$1.15
12)The sides of a right angle triangular flied containing the right angle are x and x+10( in metres) its area is 5500 sq.m the equation to x is 
        A)X*(X+10)=5500 B) X*(X+10)=2750 C) X*(X+10)=11000 D)X*(X+20)=5500
13)THE LENGTH AND BREATH of rectangle plot in ratio 7:5 if l reduced by 5m and b increased by 2m then area increased by 65 sqm l & b of rectangle plot are
        A) 25.,35 B)21,15 C)35,25 D)49,35
14)If the metallic sphere of radii 8cm 6cm 10 cm are melted to form a single sphere then the radius of the sphere is
        12.5 12 11 14
15)The following is a data interpretation problem it is a table with a population in diff countries in 1985 there are 3 quest
        ans are 1.A) UK
        2.C) 1044000
        3.B) INC OF 84900
        16)graph problem on production of 30mm screws contains 3 quest
        ans 1.D)17.5%
        2.D) NO CHANGE
        3.C) Rs.2137.50
        17) Diagrammatic series contains 6 questions
        Ans1. D
        19)this is logical reasoning there are 6 questions for nuclear and          fossil fuel..
        Ans: 1.B 2.A 3.A
        ANS 1.C 2.B(check) 3.C
        We had 3 rounds. 
        In this round 30 were short listed. 
        Topics-> Is communication an important issue?. 
        Why people prefer US rather than India?. 
        In this around 15 were shortlisted 
They called us for this round to thier campus Itself, there they some question from c, c++, data structures, perl, DBMS, academic projects, 


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