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Dear Friends

I am Muni Sekhar from Sullurpet(Nellore Dt,AP). I am working in Virtusa from 18th Dec 06. I would like to share my selection process experience at Virtusa with u.

I received hall ticket through e-mail from Virtusa on 1st Dec afternoon and asked me to attend for the written test on the next day. I came immediately to Hyd from my home town and i directly went to westly school (near paradise, hyd) from secunderabad rly stn. Then i came to know that Merit Trac people are conducting this exam. And 2000+ members attended the exam (only B.Tech CSE, B.Tech CSIT, MCA) The merit trac people will check the 10th, Intermediate, UG/PG certificates and then allow to the examination hall

The paper is about 2 and a half hour. It is for 120 marks. It has 5 sections in written exam itself. 
It will have Verbal Ability, Apptitude, Mental & logical thinking Ability, Technical Qns (C,Unix), Reading(Grasping) Ability. and the cutoff for the examnination is 65 marks i think.

In Verbal ability:::::: They will give synonyms, antonyms, words( articles), correct the sentense's & paragraph's etc.

In Apptitude::::::::::: They will give easy qns. It will be easy if we are thorough with RSAgarwal

In Mental Ability:::::: They will try to confuse us, but if we r cool minded, we can do well

In Technical Ability::: Unnecessary code will be given to waste time, do small things first and go for huge codes and it will be easy as C,Unix will be in this round. But this round has more weightage/marks. So concentrate on this round.

In Reading ability::::: we will be given a 3 page material and 10 minutes time to read that.The time they will give for this round will not be sufficient, even though we have to do that. Then afterwards, they will take the material and give us 10 qns on that material, we have to ans those qns by rememberence.

Then after the exam, they told us that the results will be announced on monday(4th Dec) for the people who are selected and for the people who are not selected also. But i didnt receive any mail from them on monday, tuesday. Then on tuesday night i planned to go back to my native place within 2 days. On wednesday morning i received a mail asking to attend the further selection process of virtusa.  Please remember your roll number for the test.

I attended Group Discussion (Topic::: Should we ban mobile phones in school, colleges) and did well. I started the discussion, did well (used all the GD tips,managerial skills etc)and ended it. 

Then I attended the Technical round. It is two panel(male and female), male is Sr S/w Engg(SSE) and female is QA (Testing) lead(QAL).

The first qns to me was "Tell me about yourself" (Routine qns any where) I answered it. Then the SSE asked me to write a prog. I did it Then QAL asked me to explain few logics, i explained one logic in routine way and the second logic in a different way. Then they asked me to explain the logic elaboratedly. I explained it very well. then they got good imppression on me( i think).

Then they asked me few qns on C, oops concets etc and then the QAL asked me abt white box, black box testing etc related to testing. i said that i dont know any thing abt testing. She asked me like this.....

QAL:: If there are opening only in QA and if u were asked to join, Will u join QA?
Me:: I said yes (because i want a job, either development/QA)

QAL:: u dont know any thing abt testing and u are very well performing in languages etc, then will u be able to learn the things so quickly in the training progs and can u deliver us the expected results??
ME:: yes, surely. As i said u, one among my  strenghts are "fast learning ability". i can learn well in training and will do well further also.

QAL:: ok fine, after one and a half year, if u are given flexibility to move towards development, will u move or be in QA itself
Me: If that flexibility is given, i will move to development

QAL:: In this 1 and a half year u will be doing well in QA and u may be lagging in developmenta na? then how will u be able 2 do well in development?
Me:: (I said a small ex, like this... i showed the door beside me and said like this..) Theif will unlock the door without exact key. and if that thief is given a chance to prepare the lock and key, he will do it perfectly in such a way that, no other theif can unlock it. Just like that if a tester comes to development and writes a code, the code will be in such a way that no other tester can find any bugs in it. So that way i can be a good developer, even though i ma with 1.5 yrs expereienced in testing and away from development.

QAL,SSE::: ok thats really great ans.
QAL:: Do u have any qns to us?
Me:: i asked a small qns regarding hyd virtusa center (bcoz, we have ask qns, when we are given a chance.That will say that we are eager to know things when we got a chance)
QAL:: replied.

Then after an hour they asked me to fill some buch of papers. Then i attended HR interview. It is one panel only

1st qns:  HR(He is PM itseams):: Tell me abt yourself
Me:: (i said)

HR:: (he noted down the extracurricular, achievements, my web sites URL etc etc in the bunch of papers, according to the columns in it, by moving on to page to page)
2nd qns:  HR::What is your career objective?
Me:: (I said)

3rd qns:  HR::  Do u have any qns to me?
Me:: Sir, how is my performance till now?
HR:: Well.......U've got selected man. (offered shake hand)
Me:: Thank you sir (Shake hand)

Then the Associate HR Exceutive came to me and asked me to collect my offer letter on 15th and on 15th i was asked to join on 18th.

Totally out of 2000+ candidates, 100 to 110 are selected in written exam, out of them 63 are finally selected and we are now in training. From 18th Dec to 18th Jan we 63 are trained on C++, UNIX, DBMS, SE (induction classes, entertainment classes in between, lot of fun, games etc etc)and on jan 18th we 63 are divided into Java, .Net,QA streams. now the training will be upto march ending ( I think).

So to say abt Virtusa... It is great to be here. we have good work culture, good package, good take homes, quarterly parties etc etc, we celebrate our collegues B'days etc and have fun all the time


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