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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - Chennai, Aug 8, 2014

Hi Friends,

I've attended L&T Infotech Interview through an off campus at Rajalakshmi Engineering College & SA Engineering College, Chennai. L&T Infotech conducted off campus on three days(Aug 6-Aug 8) in two different college as mentioned above. I was Scheduled on Aug 8 at Rajalakshmi College. 

When I entered there was a certificate verification and then they allowed us to attended the Interview. It comprises of 5 rounds. I've attended the first two rounds on that day. 

The rounds are:

1) Aptitude.
2) Group Discussion.
3) Paragraph Writing.
4) Technical HR.
5) Personal HR.

As usual they have conducted the aptitude round as online test. They select the candidates by sectional cutoff. In my batch more than 500 people attended amongst all they have selected only 11 people and for the second round we are combined with the persons in the morning batch. Then in GD we have allowed to choose our own topic and so we discussed about the topic "Technology is a boon or bane". 

There is not that much elimination in GD. They have selected 8 from 11. They just check the spirit and confidence. So just try to speak then you will be cleared. After finishing GD they asked us that we will receive mail for the further rounds at the end of  august. 

And I received the call for Aug 25 at SA Engg College. Then I went to that college on that day and due to more crowd they asked to write the paragraph writing and we were given some topics such as "If you were a prime minister what will be your Three steps to develop our nation" .  It is not an elimination round. But write confidently it will be helpful for you in final HR. After that the next day morning I was scheduled for Technical HR. 

In my Technical HR the HR was really great. He asked me about the subjects such as DBMS, Data Structures and Os and some programs. As I'm an IT student they asked me about some what deeply. But for other dept they asked them about their core subjects only. And this is purely based on the panel you've get. Some HR asked some what tough. But don't be tensed just try to answer what you know. And we were waiting for the result and I got selected for the final HR. And I'm gain confidence from these to attend final HR. In final HR they asked about my hobbies and interests and my family and so on. Then he asked me about whether I know Hindi or not. I've answered as "No sir, But I'l learn soon". 

And we are asked to move and they told us that they will mail us within two days about the result.  And I've received the offer on Thursday and I was the very happy to hear this news.More than 7000 people attended and amongst all they have selected only 130 students.  I've attended more than 20 Interviews and I got Selected in it. 

So don't lose hope. Be confident. All is well.


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