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iGATE Interview Experience - 11 Oct 2014

Hi all,

I would like to share my interview experience with you all. It was a referral drive with around 600 people participated. After a long wait we had aptitude test which consist of 20 marks verbal English and 30 marks logical reasoning (aptitude).

Verbal :

Very very simple passage.
Antonyms 2 question.
Synonyms 2 question.
Find incorrect statement.
Find missing word.
Fill missing articles.
Fill correct article.


Age problems.
Time and work.
Profit and loss.
Match diagrams 2 question.

I answered around 42 correct and rest 8 were fluke as there was no negative marking. After half an hour results got announced and I cleared apti along with 200 more people.

Technical Interview:

Sir: Hi.
Me: Hello sir. Good afternoon. Nice to meet you.

Sir : How are you.
Me: Fine sir.

Sir : Tell me about yourself.
Me : Told.

Sir: Tell me about your be project.
Me: Told.

Sir: Difference between c and c++.
Me : Told.

Sir: Which prog language do you prefer and why.
Me : C++ and told the reason.

Sir: Family background.
Me : Told.

Sir: You are from elex branch so why do you wish to join it company.
Me : Told.

Sir: Will you relocate to Chennai.
Me : Sure sir.

Sir: What innovative task will you initiate when you join igate.
Me : Told.

Sir: Nice meeting you.
Me : Same here sir thank you.

After an hour there was hr interview.

Ma'am: Hi. Ga.
Me: Ga.

Ma'am : Do you have any drops and is your criteria satisfied.
Me : Yes.

Ma'am: Tell me about yourself.
Me : Told.

Ma'am: Family background.
Me : Told.

Ma'am: Strengths.
Me : Told.

Ma'am: We will revert to you in 7 days. What salary do you expect.
Me: I am fine with anything maam. Ok. Thank you.

Now I am awaiting for results. I had appeared for infosys previously but dint clear apti. Igate was a very nice experience.

Guys prepare well for apti and crack it. Rest is cake walk. Take care.


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