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VIRTUSA pattern on JULY 13th, 14th at VIZAG

On July 13th there is an off campus in pydah college which I have attended. There is a huge crowd. Around 1100 members attended to this interview. Out of that only 200 qualified in written exam and after that in GD 140 were short listed and after technical 90 were selected and atlast after HR round 70 were taken into the company.

Selection procedure:
1. Written exam
2. Group discussion
3. Technical interview
4. HR interview.


There were 5 sections in written exam
1. Verbal ability-----25 questions------20 min
Its easy which consisted of sentence completion based on prepositions.
Some synonyms like SHELVED
       2 Reading Comprehensions.

2. Aptitude--------25 ques.--------20 min
        Its somewhat easy but time management is important.
        3 questions on sets and relations venn diagrams problems on ages
        5 questins on if a cube is painted with black color and divided into 729 cubes how
        many cubes have single, double, triple, none faces colored.
        Given two conditions and we have to select howmany conditions we need to answer the given question.

3. Attention detail-------20questions------20 min
        Its very easy by seeing the options we can answer.
        Some questions like if *->+, /->-, +->/, - -> * evaluate an expression.

4. C&DS---------40 questions--------30 min
        Its somewhat difficult and many of them have been failed to qualify in this section.
        Many data structutes programs were given and asked for the function to be inserted
  given in options like  sorting of linked lists, insertion of node in a linked list, assigning
a Node and so on.
C programs were easy.
Which of the following uses less memory  Ans union.
Which  function  allocates memory by  initializing memory cells with zero.
Ans. Calloc()

char a[]="hello";
int i;
printf(“%c", a[i]-32);

Which of the following may implement queues:
Ans: single dimensional arrays.

5. Learning ability------10questions------15 min
In this section a paragraph a notes based on blue tooth was given and after reading it for few min they take the paper back and then the question paper will bw givwn containing ten questions. We should write based on what we have studied and remembered. Its not that much difficult.

After the announcement of the short listed candidates from written test all of us are divided into groups each containing 10 members.
The GD topics are like:
Reservation system
Public toilets
Sports like cricket
I got the reservations topic and I spoke to it from the basic idea of  its amendment by Dr.Ambethkar and the present situation is not like that and a better system should be imposed not based on caste so that every one who is poor can afford for education.

On the next day ie on 14th technical and HR rounds are to be held.
The technical round is little bit tough due to the heavy competition from MCA students. Of course the questions are from our interested areas in programming language. I said that I am interested in C

I was asked to write the following programs and explain the logic:
Check whether the given number or a string is palindrome or not.
-Print the Pascal triangle
-To print the number given in an integer form to the same in words like one for 1, two for 2 and so on
This I have done using arrays.
-Fibonacci series program 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21.......
-Program to print the angle between the pointers in the wall clock when time is taken as input.
-Program to investigate the free cells in the string and reduce the wastage.
-Can trees be implemented using arrays?
-Swapping program using XOR operation.
-Some programs were given and I am asked for output.
-when is the queue empty and when is it full.
-Some questions on electronics like what is meant by diode, transistor, resistor, capacitor.
-Why are you interested in s/w?

HR Interview:
The first question is tell me about yourself
Being an electronics student why don't you opt for VLSI and embedded systems which are in fame
Why do you need a job?
Questions on my hobbies.
What is your place in the class?
I was asked two puzzles 
About the inheritance in C++
Did you selected or attended in any company

That's it friends. I am sorry that I have not remembered the questions in written test.

The results were announced around 1:30 am and I felt tensed but at last I selected & it's a wonderful experience to me. I think these might help you and give you an idea to prepare well.
All the best to all of you.


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