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L & T infotech Interview Experience - Bangalore, August 22nd and 24th, 2014

Hi friend,

L&T Infotech Placement Paper 2014: L&T Infotech is a global IT services and solutions provider. L&T Infotech provides many job opportunities to Fresher and Experienced individuals as according to their abilities and Talent. Company conducts the Aptitude Test, GD and personal Interview for hiring candidates.

I am here to describe my journey in this company. I came to know about the L & T referral drive through one of the rocking group BJS (Bangalore job seekers) in facebook. And that day was d final date fr registration. But since it is a referral drive I needed d employee id of L & T. After a lot of struggle through this group only I got four employees id. Then I just forwarded my resume to all the four ppl with a nice cover letter.

After 3 days got a response from only 1 person i.e., Ankur and he asked me to provide some details and I replied him. Then after some days got d acknowledgement regarding update of my resume to L & T. But didn't get call letter for many days even though many ppl in d group were saying they have got d letter I didn't loose my hope. I was fortunate enough to get the call letter on 16th night. In that d drive details mentioned was 22nd august 2014, SJBIT, Bangalore at 3pm. Since my clg was next to SJBIT I was not feared to go alone.

I reached the venue at 2 only. Was little scared but had d confidence. A girl told me it was very tough to crack the apti. With this fear I went to attend test. Around 2000 people were der including all d batches of that day. As d girl said aptitude was very tough it included major topics like.

Aptitude Questions:

- Trains and boats.
- Profit and loss.
- Simple problems on percentage.
- Age problems.
- Time and distance.

Verbal Questions:.

- Articles.
- Jumbled sentences.
- Comprehension.
- Simple Grammar.
- Synonyms.
- Antonyms.
- Fill in the blanks.

Reasoning Questions:

- Series completion.
- Blood Relations problems.
- Finding the Missing numbers.
- Complete the figure.
- Puzzle test.
- Directions to solve.

Sectional cut off was der. 60min-60 questions pattern.

Time played a vital role here.

I couldn't read whole passages only, some how managed with general knowledge guesses. Guys just take up online exams daily and get the trick of time management.

When apti was over we all gathered in a seminar hall. After 1 hour d panel member came to announce d result. I was shivering. And luckily my name was 12th. I still remember that moment. Got excited lot. Only 13 were selected out of 300 from my batch.

Then we were taken to Group Discussion session room there they divided 13 to 6+7 and started d GD. In the beginning they asked us to decide a topic. I suggested "Should private tuitions be banned" topic but others were saying something else. Then that person only gave a topic called "Comparison between north Indian and south Indian culture". It was a comparative topic and you need to present your opinion. I was so scared to talk. Communication was not a problem for me but talking in front of many ppl was fearing me lot. But some how I put forth my points. Guys remember, please give your opinions, nobody is going to say you are wrong. Just you need to speak confidently.

Once GD got over 2 were rejected including my friend ; (And that guy told everyone wt are al d corrections we need to make in our GD. For me he said nicely " Madam please relax and talk. You have a firm voice and confidence, all the best like".

I was so happy that I cleared apti as well as GD. Den essay writing (non-elimination) round. In that for me they gave a topic that "Its be always be a man's world". I wrote the points which ever struck my mind. Den dey informed us to cum on 26th morning 9am to same clg for further rounds. Oly 1 day was in the middle and I wasn't prepared for technical and HR. Struggled lot to in one full day to finish off whole VTU syllabus. My god! Its impossible as you guys know. :D.

On 24th I reached SJBIT around 8. Around 10 al selected candidates from GD (52 out of may be 4000 from both day's-22nd and 23rd test) were gathered in a room and volunteers were taking one by one of us for technical round. 10 L & T ppl were handling this round simultaneously. I got Mr. Damodar as my technical interviewer. He was so friendly and had a smiley face.

He asked me about my interview process and details regarding my education. I had 66.66% in BE. , 91.62% in PU and 88.48% in SSLC. He asked me about my project. One of a member from BJS group suggested me that spend most of your time in describing your project like. I used same logic. Sir looked satisfied with my explanation I think. He asked me to write an assembly language program and two C programs (general ones). My technical round lasted for 20 min. Then when I was waiting for next round a volunteer called my name and took me to HR round. A person by name Ashok took my interview. He was also friendly and he was telling me to feel comfortable and he said "your technical round answers were excellent". Probably Damodar Sir wrote a review on my scorecard it seems. I was very happy to listen that.

Then HR asked me typical questions like tell me about yourself, are you willing to relocate, why L & T and al. I answered carefully just to make him feel that I'm fit to job. Some how I impressed him. Then after 2 days I got an offer of intent of selection process. And today mrng got my L & T candidate id with password.

Oh my god! got placed in L & T as a graduate trainee engineer. Thanks to almighty, my parents, friends and all my lovely ppl in BJS group. Guys be patience. Dont listen to ppl who make you frustrated while searching job. You need just a push in your life to go in your way. N remember continuous effort oly can bring joy to your life. Keep moving. Keep shining with beautiful colours.


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