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Hi Friends

I had my DRDO interview at Defence Lab Officers Mess, Hyderabad on 17th Nov 2009 for Scientist B computer Science. There were a total of 13 candidates who were called for interview that day. The reporting time was 09:00 am. Initially checking of documents was done and then interviews started around 09:30 am. My number was 10th so had to wait a lot. My interview started at 3:15 pm and finished around 3:40.

Here are the details:-
There were 5 members in the panel including chairman. The chairman asked about my schooling and college and why I want to join DRDO. The other members asked me about the subjects I prepared for interview. I told Data Structures and algorithms and OS.

After chairman, the next member of the panel started with the technical questions. His questions:-
1) 3 things you will look for while purchasing a new PC.
I told Processor speed, RAM and Hard Disk capacity. Then there was some discussion.
2) What is 17 inches in 17 inch monitor?
I told Measurement from top left to top right. But its actually top left to bottom right (diagonal).
3) What is port?

Next member:-
1) Given a screen of 1024 * 1024 pixels, how much memory It will take to store this information?
1024*1024*3 = 3 MB.
2) Different modules in O.S?
Explained about proces management, memory management, File system, I/O etc..
3) Functions of Process management unit.
Process creation and suspension.

Next member:-
1) Write a program to swap two numbers in C.
simple program. 
2) Difference between Hub and Switch?
Explained but could not get into much details.

Next Member:-
1) Optimization techniques in compiler.
named only 3 of them could not recollect much.
2) What is Risc processor?
could not explain in detail.
3) What is pipeline processor?
Explained with all the stages.
4) What Problems does a compiler face in generating code for a pipeline processor.
Explained about branch prediction and pipeline flushing.
5) Name any non intel processor.

It was around 25 minutes interview. It was a good experience. The interview panel was supportive. All the best for your interview.

( Source: http://rajevergreen.blogspot.com/2009/11/drdo-interview-experience-nov-2009-cse.html )


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