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Hai Friends

I am raghava from P.B.Siddhartha college. got thru VIRTUSA coducted at VR.Siddhartha College vijayawada.

It is very cool yaar....i am very happy, beacuse i got the key for campus selections i.e CONFIDENCE with PATIENCE.

I attended for 4 companies previously and didnt qualify for Written test. But i am still confident and tried and attempted for all, where as my frnds who worried and didnt do the rest of the companies well. so please be confident. 

I Round :- Written Test  ( conducted by METRIC Track)
It is having 5 phases of paper's  just like Psychometric test. it is having very simple questions where we should use our commonsense. dont worry abt the questions they are very easy .

(1) Verbal Ability --- synonyms,antonyms, articles, wrong sentense's, paragraph's.

(2) Apptitude Ability --- appitude questions from r.s.agarwal (regular)

(3) Mental Ability --- (very very very easy dont get confused)  finding out the similar prononciation words and decimal number's.)

(4) Technical Ability --- questions from C and UNIX (they eat away time ... plz attempt the small questions first .. their main aim is to waste ur time .... so they give small questions at last  be careful)

(5) Reading Ability ---   they give a 3 pages document to  read and understand   and they take back the paers and give us a question paper of abt 10 questions (read only once and very carefully.. because 3 papers in 10 min is tough.... remember the numbers and main key words and main theme of the document )

II Round :- Group Discussion  (conducted by the HR Team)

The topics given are very very casual. they just want to test whether every one is having their own idea (it might be a single idea ) and are we able to talk when we are given a chance . please dont copy the idea's .if u are also on the same idea just explain with current affair;s example .  . our batch consists of 8 members .we were given a topic called "BRAIN DRAIN" only 2 minutes for preparing and just 10 minutes for the discussion of the topic . 600 seconds for 8 members's .... each member should take only 75 seconds ( 600seconds /8members ) ... so i planned to interrupt into the discussion for 5 times and to talk for 15 seconds each time .

III Round :- Technical Interview (conducted by the HR Team)

This is a bit tough round . The interviewer asked about my Academic background and my interest on subjects . He asked me the subjects i have covered in MCA course schedule and tried to cover all the subjects with simple questions and testing our capability in answering  the questions ...asked some live examples for the answers. the session lasted for about 45 minutes. be confident on the subjects you are interested.

IV Round :- HR Interview (conducted by the HR Team)

This is the Easiest Round we have to face. But be careful. Here the Key's to Success are CONFIDENT and COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Be confident of wat u say. the questions are regular like.....
tell me abt ur self
why sould we appoint u
y virtusa
ur plans afetr 5 years
interests...... hobbies....... and a small problem on reasoning .......
His main Aim is to understand us by asking questions. so feel free to explore ur self to him in a good way. dont be over confident. Be casual all the time. they ask questions relating to ur answer's after some time ... so that to test whether u are telling truth or not. so be careful.

Try hard and do well for Selections. if u are Rejected dont get Disappointed. try the other company. 


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