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iGate Interview Experience - Vijayawada, September 25, 2014

Hi friends,

iGate selection process:

1) Written test.
2) Technical round.
3) Hr interview.

Coming to written test it consists of 50 questions where 20 questions from verbal and 15 from reasoning and 15 from quant and the cutoff will be more in written test and it will be maximum 42 for 50. In our college 87 are selected for interview out of 450 members.

And coming to my technical interview my interviewer asked me questions like:

Sir: Introduce yourself.
Me: Told.

Sir: How will you rate your skills in C and C++?
Me: 7/10.

Sir: Asked some questions in C about pointers and structures?
Me: Told.

Sir: Asked me various questions regarding my subjects?
Me: Told.

Sir: Say binary search technique.
Me: Told.

Sir: Write d logic of primary number?
Me: Written.

And sir asked me some puzzles and I have confused my self and I made a confusion to interviewer also but sir was so friendly. And then he said to wait for hr interview and what I want to say is be confident while saying answers.

And finally I was called to HR interview.

He asked me to introduce myself, will you relocate, about strengths and weakness and about my family.

And after 10 days results were announced and I got selected in iGate and feeling so happy.

Friends we had a proverb called "Failures are d stepping stones of success" is really true because I have seen 3 failures i.e. I haven't qualified in written test for wipro, infosys, cts and I become more stronger in my skills and attended for iGate where I got d success and for sure your luck matters more.

Thank you. Work hard there lies your success.


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