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Hi Friends

I am glad that i cleared my test at honey well. now my interview is also over! 
I attende the test at chennai loyola college on 11 th june!1got call for interview on 27th june.. there wer 3 rounds

1st round -Technical
They have a blue print of wat are the q's to b asked!! this round went fro 45 min!! many of my friends including me wer suprised!! but then i did well in this round. I was actually a panel of 3 memebrs each person specializing in differnt fields. I guess they wer imperssed about my performance

2nd round-Technical
 As soon as i completed my first round they called me and asked to wait upstairs for the next round, I did after 30 mins they called me for second round...
this is the one of the worst interview i had faced in my life... It had 2 members. they saw my written test paper and asked me to explain the subjective questions. I didnt felt like performing well..the person doesn seem like compromsing nor does he knw how to smile.. 
It went for 30 mins then he said u can leave !! i was aksed to wait 4 the results
 lost all my hopes in this round. i was preparin 2 leave as the persons who attended interview after me went for HR..

3 rd round HR
Suddenly they called me for HR interview!!it was a day full of suprises....the HR person was a nice gentle man!!
It went for 15 min ..mostly general hr q like strengths, weakness etc....and then he asked me to leave...and check mail


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