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HCL Technologies(software division) Interview Experience - NIET, Greater Noida

Hello people,

First of all a big thank you to all the people who posted series of questions and interview experiences in this forum. I would recommend all of you whosoever reading this to go through all the posts here.

Now coming back to the point. I'm a 2013 (CSE) batch pass out. I gave my AMCAT (already) scored pretty good there and hence got a call from HCL Technologies (s/w div).

After getting the admit card my centre was NIET greater noida, I got a direct interview call (tech + HR) as I have already given AMCAT.

Interview round 1 (technical) questions were,

1. Tell me about your project? (most important question).
2. What is bubble sort, heap sort, merge sort?
3. Types of DBMS?
4. SQL queries.
5. Swapping of 2 elements not using the third one and with using the 3rd one.
6. What languages you know?

Ans - Java, C++.

7. General questions were asked like,

- Is java a platform oriented language and why?
- Java over C++.
- WAP in java to create 2 classes and the third one is inheriting the last class?

After this I waited for 5 minute until the results were announced.

Then I went for the HR round (Interview Round 2):

We were 5 students there, he took the interview in groups.

Asked about the hobbies written in our respective resumes.
And, What is the full form of hcl why you want to join hcl?

NOTE - if you have 1 year gap then do justify it with good reasonable answer.
That's all folks!

I hope you really see to this post and help yourself and others.
All the best and do well.

Meet you at HCL.


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