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Hi Friends

This is a paper for Metallurgy & Material Science Engg conducted by the HAL Engine Division at Koraput on the 15th of Feb 2009 held at Bhubaneswar. 

It was a paper for 1.5 hrs duration and consisted of 100 questions. The questions were relatively simple though I did not crack it... Here they concentrated more on Physical Metallurgy, NDT Methods and Mechanical Metallurgy. There were a few qns on XRay Metallography too... 

Here are a few questions as far as my memory goes..

1. The faster the ncooling the interdendritic spacing will be > less,>more,>same.

2. Definitions of Toughness, Resilience, Hardness, Youngs' Modulus.

3. The material that is the lowest on the Mohs' scale is _______

4. The composition of Constantan is _______

5. The effect not observed in a Thermocouple is  Raman Effect.

6. Permalloys are used in making ______ kind of magnetic materials.

7. Which property of the pigment is used in NDT Methods 

8. Mond's process is used in the extraction of ______.

9. The gas blown during the LD Process of Steel Making is ______.

10. Intricate parts are manufactured by a> Casting b> Welding c> Forging d> Rolling

11. In case carburising the depth of penetration is proportional to sqrt(t).

Well this is how much I can remember... dont waste your time on learning Extractive Metallurgy and other things... concentrate on Physical Metallurgy by Avner and Mechanical Metallurgy by Dieter...


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