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Hi Friends
I attended Virtusa campus interview on July 13th in Pydaah engineering college, Visakhapatnam. It was a 2-day interview. Please read the following matter patiently.

It consists of 4-rounds.
1)    Written test
2)    GD
3)    Tech interview
4)    HR interview

Written Test:
Again in written test it consists of different sections
1)    Vocabulary
2)    Quantitative part
3)    Critical reasoning
4)    Tech exam
5)    Learning ability

1) Vocabulary: It contained sentence completion with prepositions. They were very easy. For Example:
                                   Sentence ----------------- sentence
                                   a) The b) an c) a d) none  
This type of sentences around 10 or 11, they were very easy. No need for preparation. Then Reading Comprehension and some other. Total questions were 30. If u prepare Barrons high frequent words some sections were easy.

2) Critical Reasoning: It was ok. No need to prepare much for this. I didn't know that these many sections were there till I attended the test

3) Quantative Aptitude: Prepare R.S.Agrawal well its enough. Mainly cubes sums, time and distance, time and work and so on. 

4) Tech Written: This is main. It is very difficult frankly speaking. They gave bits on trees,graphs,linked lists,pointers.If u r good at DS (data structures) then u can write this Exam well. In this section they will give programs like creation of link, traversing etc. No need to worry, options will be there. Here mainly time management is important.  

5) Learning Ability test, Where 2 pages are given. First all the stuff has to be read for 20 minutes. After u read that, then they will take back the paper and give u a question paper containing 10 questions. Answer those questions by remembering what u have read. It was for 10 minutes. The topics given to me were on embedded systems an mailing technology

Now comes the GD -My topic given was "should Reservations in India were necessary or not".
In GD there were around 10 people and competition I very tough. 
The results were announced and I got selected. This is the first day process
2-nd day tech interview nd hr Interview

In Tech Interview they asked me nearly about 5 subjects bcz am comps student. The subjects were
1) C-language
2) Java
3) Dbms
4) OS
5) UML
The interview was  abt 2hrs it was very tough time for any body bcoz this filtering round. 

And next round is HR Interview it is very easy. It was abt 15 min and the results were Announced. By gods grace I got selected in Virtusa. Friends u have any doubts regarding exam Or anything related to Virtusa this is my email-d: nari_potnuru@yahoo.co.in


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