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Hi Friends

We are from Mechanical stream and following paper will help you for oveall idea about exam...

Important subject for HAL are IC INGINE, MD, SOM, TOM, EM.... also some Questionss from Management subject

total 100 questions all are tech. 15 to 20 days deep study will crack the exm easily...

1. What is the unit of MI on mass basis.. kg/m2 

2. Chromium increases .. wear resistance & ductility + toughness

3. Carbide tool bit fixed on tool by .... brazing

4. When shaft subjected to toque and bending.. then eqvl... twisting moment is     √(M2 + T2)

5. In axial flow compressor surge tank use for... smooth flow.

6. No of active turn reqd for plane  end square wire helical spring...  I think Ans is N+1

7. Flux use during brazing is for.. remove oxide on surfaces to be joint

8. Ring present at head of cylinder is called.. compression ring

9. Unit of power in si .. watt

10. Zink and tin is contain of... Bronze

11. Galvanizing use... Zink for coating

12. One problem on poissions ratio

13. One prob on Moment of inertia

14. One problem on prod technology

15. I grinding wheel binding agent is....  crystallized silicate carbide

16. Hardest material is.... boron carbide (after diamond)

17. When eff of 4 stroke diesel engine increased from 5 to 7% then power consume increases by... 14

18. for large production which type of  layout used... Line layout..

19. Which type of quality has more imp.... quality of conformance..

20. In 4 bar mechanism how many fixed and  moving ICR present.... 4 fixed 2 moving

21. Shaper machine use ... With worth quick return mechanism

22. One problem on band brake

23. In diesel engine combustion take place.. heterogynous manner

24. Four to five question on ...PRODUCTION MANEGMENT.. like layout.. product quality..

25. High pressure and liquid refrigerants present in vapors compressor at... Before expansion valve.

26. At neutral axis ..which stress is ZERO.... ..

27. During electric arc welding what happs...Direct metal to metal contact with electrode cont

28. One steam enters in condenser at....

29. When adding of water vapor in dry air without changing the DBT process called.... HUMIDIFICATION

30. When air and water vapor cooled up to saturation temp then this point indicate....DBT

31. Some 4 -5 Qs on match the colom .. related to rolling pair .. sliding pair..Etc

32. some Qs on EDM , JDM, Manufacturing technology..

33. one qs is on moldings ..about high pouring temp..Defect

34. max velocity of compound pendulum is given by...     √k/3m

35. Crowning of pulley depend upon... Dia of pully

36. Lines of enthalpy indicated on molar dia.. by vertical lines

37. When extreamly small expantion fo gas at const enthropy process is called.... throttling

38. one qs is on requrment of pressure ratio for given procees ..ans is ..p2=...        √p1p3)


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