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Hi Friends 

I attended the Virtusa test on may 17 2006,in St Francis college, Hyderabad. The test was for two and a half hours. It contained 5 sections.

It was organized by Metric Trac. Be prepared for the long test. It might be exhausting.
The first part was vocabulary. It contained sentence completion with prepositions and that kind of stuff, then the reading comprehensions. Basic English knowledge is enough.

But better to prepare for most frequent words in barrons. To be frankly told I didn't prepare but u will have better idea if u prepare. It has 45 questions for 30 minutes.
Then the Quantitative part, It was basic maths containing logical questions. Prepare R.S Agarwal. It has 30 questions for 30 minutes.
Then comes the critical reasoning section. It was ok. No need to prepare much for this. I didn't know that these many sections were there till I attended the test.
Then the technical test, It contains all the CSE subjects like  C , C++, Java, Data Structures, Operating Systems, RDBMS. All the sections are multiple choice. The C programs were very tough, related to pointers. It has 45 Questions for 30 minutes. Time management is critical here

Finally the learning ability test, Where 2 pages are given. First all the stuff has to be read for 20 minutes. After u read that, then they will take back the paper and give u a question paper containing 10 questions .Answer those questions by remembering what u have read. It was for 10 minutes. It was regarding Pentium 4 and its pipelining. It was easy when compared to other questions. 
After 4 Days they informed me by mail that I was selected. Out of 1200 members they selected 120 members. After that there was a GD. The topic was"Should women have dress code in colleges and offices". I was the only one in the group who opposed the topic in a batch of 10. So I have to talk a lot regarding the matter. I told we have dress codes in schools so as not to distinguish between the rich and poor but after entering the college level they will be more mature and staying in a democratic country where everyone has the right to speak and express their feelings, imposing constraints on women is not at all fare. The discussion continued in this way. It was for 10 minutes
Then there was technical interview.
They asked me to list out all the topics in C. Then they asked me some outputs for programs. Then they asked me to write some programs related to files.They asked me Object Oriented concepts .Then they asked me about my project. Then they gave me a situation and asked me to tell about it. It was ok. It was for 1 hour.

By Gods grace I got into the company.


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