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June 21st Oracle Bangalore test .. some questions from 9' O clock batch.
Oracle conducted test for freshers at bangalore in their campus (near Diary circle). it was of 4 rounds as I know(9 AM,11AM,1PM,3PM O clock).

question paper consists of 60 questions. QUESTIONS FROM 9 AM round
30-english and aptitude

I met some people who attended the test..
i am putting the details..Please do not assume the questions as accurate, there may be some mistakes and for some questions there may not be full options or no answer. My purpose is to give an over all idea about the question paper so 
that it will be useful for others..

analogy questions around ( you can refer to GRE book)
fill the sentence with appropriate word..(multiple choices given)
sentence correction..

arithmetic questions..
some of the questions:
Q:1/3th of the passengers gotdown at first stop and 30 people got into the bus,
  1/4th of the passengers gotdown at second stop and 12 people got into the bus. in last stop 84 people got down from the bus.
What is the initial capacity of the bus?

Q:one person is running around a 180 sq yard filed, first 1/4 his speed was 10KMPH second 1/4 20KMPH third 1/4 30 KMPH and the fourth 1/4 40 KMPH.
what is the average speed?

NOTE: there was a question on milk ,water ratio.. 

logical deductions..
Q: is x+y a prime?
  a. x is prime
  b. y is prime
options: 1. only "a" correct 2. only "b" correct 3. both are correct 
4. both are wrong.


Q: There were 2 or 3 C programs and the question is to point error in the  program or to predict the answer

Q:Which one of the following is not a storage type:
1. static 2. register 3. stack 4.auto
answer: stack

Q:what is the type of the second parameter of fopen() function?

Q:Which of the following is correct about constructor?
OPTIONS: 1.void type 2. return nothing 
answer 2

Q:how do we store a constant value in java?
multiple choices given..
answer: using "final"

please be thorough with SQL, PL/SQL

There were some questions where they gave query and asked whether it 
is correct or wrong if wrong what is wrong..

Q: create table..; {table creation query)
Roll back;
what will be the output?
options ..

This is all that i was able to get!

I think if we spend atleast 1 month seriously dedicated, then we can 
clear Infosys or Oracle test with out much problem.


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