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iGate Interview Experience - Mumbai, September 2014

I got selected at iGate from my college placement process.

First things first.

* Prepare well for your aptitude, at least practice an hour daily for 15 - 20 days, but I will recommend 2 hours daily.

* I practiced everything from IndiaBix, So special thanks to them.

* Focus more on quality of problems rather than quantity, I have seen people who practice 150 problems of same type from RS Aggarwal which is a waste of time, questions given on IndiaBix are sufficient to understand all the type of sums and concepts.

For iGate aptitude, there were 30 questions of Quants and 20 questions verbal, and total time was 60 minutes.

There were sectional cutoffs so you have to be good at verbal also. For verbal, habit of reading English newspapers and having the hold of the language is useful because I didn't prepare anything for verbal and I passed the aptitude.

After aptitude, candidate had to appear for both Technical and HR interview.

In technical interview, the interviewer asked me to tell about myself and as I was the founder member of my college's codechef chapter, I told him about it. I told him how I solve problem on codechef and how it helps us to improve our problem solving capacity and my complete tech interview was mostly based on that and I had a really great time talking to the interviewer.

In the HR interview, she asked.

Tell me about yourself : Told.

Tell me about your weakness : Please make a note of your weakness before interview and make sure you tell them that you are overcoming it and it won't affect your work also.

Tell me an instance where you have led a team and came out successfully:

Now here again being the founder of code chef's chapter helped me.

And she asked some more general questions (will you be able to relocate and kinda stuffs).

All in all my interviews were a breeze.

Results were declared after 2 weeks in college (It was a long wait though).

Note : The tech interview weren't so easy for many candidates, they just check if you have good technical knowledge, if they find that you don't then they will ask you to code. Please do not fake anything in your resume as it will put a bad impression if you don't know anything about it.

Hope this helps,
All the best.


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