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Pattern 160 Questions total.
20 GK and English, 20 Aptitude, 120 Technical questions

- From which of the following the sentence is taken from "SATYAMEVA JAYATHE". And the options were ramayana, upanishad.etc
- How many seats will be there in Rajyasabha:

English questions were easy:


concentration on Analog Electronics
- wein bridge oscillator has which feedback (Ans.both positive and nagative)
- what is cascode amplifier?
- High Zin & Zout amplifier requires --- topology (Ans current series)
- 2 problems on finding gain with feedback and change of feedback gain with change in gain.(Just formula substitution)
- 2 problems on power amplifiers (some dissipation power is given and we have to calculate ouput current or something)
- 2 to 3 questions on RC coupled amplifier (theoritical)
- problem on ni, pi intrinsic concentrations And if the material is doped with p-type then what is correct from the following options were: a) ni.pi=np     b) ni+pi=np etc.
- porblem on zener diode one qst from Hall effect ie in which direction does the force or something act..
- 2 questions from op-amps (easy)

Control system
- correct order to increase stability of a system... options were  
gain, -feedback, derivative control 
-feedback, gain, derivative control
derivative control, gain, -feedback

- The -ve real axis nyquist plot is mapped into --- in bode plot options were -180 phase shift line180 phase shift line
10dB line etc.....which of the following is time domain techniques of system stability  nyquist, root locus, polar plot, bode plot

- one problem on bode plot (just verification)
- problem on finding resonant frequency given Ch.equation

- an FM wave is passed trough a frequency trippler what is its modulation index(given modulation index of FM wave)
- power problem on AM
- preemphsis is used for

some questions on D.electronics easy
- one questions from optics (given R.index, Frequency, and asked to find out wavelenght)
- one questions from waveguides (which of the following modes are possible)
- 2, 3 questions from antennas
- yagi uda antenna contains what?options given

- Ft of guassian pulse is --- optins guassian, rayleigh,etc...
- psd of white noise is --- options uniform, non uniform etc...
- some questions on correlation
- h(t)=ePOW(-kt) and i/p is sinwt then what is o/p --- (signals)
- 12, 1 ohm ressistors are used as an edges to form a cube then what is Req b/w two diagnolly opposite corners of the cube
- one problem on finding time constant for a ckt of RLC
- one problem on resonance given some parameters we have to calculate the current through L at resonance..
- one theory question on signal flow graph
- theory questions on oscillators
- questions on F.seris (what terms it contain if some condiion is satisfied)


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