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AUG 2003

1) how many the square can divided of equal sizes.
         ans 4,   u must write the reason below , 
The ans is 4squares, diagonally, 4retangles, along midpoint
  2)cylinder diameter 30 and height 20 , make 12 equal parts, with minimum cuts, what r the minimum cuts;
 3) 1*2=6 and 3*4=20 then 7*7=?
4) 1,2,3,25,50,75,100 using this numbers once form 383?
5) Find out the odd man out, on this 3 questions r given
6) Sphere volume and surface area is given then find the radius?
7) Two containers 500 and 300 r given then find 100 ml no measures r given?
8)Sum of sachin test runs and product of broadman test runs 
which is greater ?
9 ) two groups in country knights and knaves , knight will always true , knave will tell always false., then a person asks , who r u , then told " I am knave " , then what do u interpret?
10) coding and decoding problem?
11)number series?

 1) as india is poor country, is it nesecessary to conduct the afroasian games?
 2)as very talented people r migrating to IT , is other fields r getting starvation?
1)written program was given and we have to find out the output ?
 the program given is genaration of febonnacci series
2)one psudo code was given of robot ,   u have to find the bugs
3)considar 2 digit number , then multiply with 2, if it becomes 3 digit the take last 2 digits and repeat the process untill u got the number already generated in this sequence and  print all numbers?
 For this considar array size of 50 , since maximum even number possibulities will be 50 only(2 digit numbers), this thing he is menctioning in the interview and asking reason , if u declare more size or linked lists
4)considar any number if even divided by 2 and else multiply with 3 and add 1, repeat this untill u get 4, 2,1 sereis, means untill u get 1?
1*3+1=4 , 4/2=2, 2/2=1 1*3+1=4 and so....on

5) considat on string , write a function such that   function(string str, char omega, char alpha) ,genarate the biggest substring starting with omega and ending with alpha.    This the paper and he is giving then he will conduct the gd, in gd he asked our self to choose the topic. About hr, he is more, regural questions, why to take our company and all


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