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Dear Friends

I am greatly pleasured to send my first mail to this most wonderful group, that too with an useful information.

I attended the ORACLE test on 21st June. I couldn't get through.The first round was a written test followed by a group discussion. Please, Please, Please don't follow the question pattern given in freshersworld.com. It is absolutely wrong. I was given 2 question papers at the same time. One was Aptitude with 30 questions and the other was Technical with 30 questions. The time duration was 1 hour. We can start answering any paper according to our wish.

The aptitude question paper contained:
20 Arithmetic questions and 10 English questions. The English questions were damn easy and you need not prepare for that. The arithmetic questions contained problems like finding the area of the shaded part in  a circle, simple arithmetic puzzles, %, Profit/loss, SI etc. Be thorough in Basic formulae. There was one question which was time consuming. Hope you remember the problems in Operations Research/ Resource Management. There was one problem of that kind and 5 questions were asked from the problem.The problem was something like selecting the best way of staffing etc.,

The Technical question paper contained questions from:
                                    C ( Mostly on pointers, structures,strings)
                                    Oracle- PL/SQL
                                    Data Structures

The second round will be Group Discussion which is for namesake. They will just check your communication skills and this GD is not for filtering. In my batch, out of 160, they selected only 8 for GD and all the 8 got appointment letter on the same day. So you can return home with the appointment letter. Make sure that you are there on time, because they will start the test sharply on time.


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