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iGate Interview Experience - Mumbai, September, 2013.

Hi friends. I had attended iGate campus interview in our college. 120 students had appeared for the test.

Aptitude test: The test was not online. There were 60 questions. 1hr was given. The questions were really simple. Are. S Agarwal would be more then enough to solve the quantitative part. Your english vocabulary and grammar must be good. With presence of mind you could clear it easily.

Few questions were from boats and streams, work and time, odd man out, data interpretation etc.

Out of 100 they selected 36 students. I was one of them. Then after 5 mins there was one to one technical and hr round. Immediately after technical round we had to go for hr round which was conducted in the next room.

Technical round questions:

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Write a program on factorial.
3. Why do you want to join iGate.
4. Tell me the name of top 10 IT companies.
5. CEO of the same companies.
6. Various OS. Of mobiles.
7. Tell me about SDLC.
8. List any 10 electronics magazine name.

HR round questions:

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What is the diff between C and C++.
3. Why iGate?
4. Your hobbies.
5. Any questions for me?

Friends I had a real tough time. As I am an EXTC student. And it was my first interview experience. You all may think in your first experience that there is no way that I will get selected. Or this is not my branch so they will not ask programs or whatever. Please be prepared for any questions. You can see that my interviewer asked many general questions. Be confident and you can crack the interview.

Best of luck.


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