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Hi Friends

I Have given the DRDO exam. I have written some questions for you hope it will help you. Written exam question & answer paper of Electronics and Communication.

1. DRDO was formed in 
A.1947    b.1950     c.1954   d.1958
Ans: 1958

2. Samyukta is developed for the use of
A. Navy    b. Army    c. Airforce     d. Rac
Ans: Army

3. The satellite launch vehicle that placed a no. Of satellites into orbit in May 2008 is
Ans: PSLV-C9

4. Green house effect is due to the increase of atmospheric
Ans: CO level

5. In the month of july, it is winter in 
Ans: Sydney

6. Sarnath is situated in the state of
a. MP     b. UP   c. Punjab      d. Bihar
Ans: UP

7. The chairman of Planning Commission of India 
Ans: Prime Minister

8. Darl-202 is avariety of 
a. Pea    b. Garlic   c. Capsicum    d. Tomato
Ans: Capsicum

9. Trishul is
Ans: a quick reaction surface to air missile.

10. Humsa is a
Ans: Sonar

There are also some 12 based maths questions

1.The inverse of the matrix  cos x   sin x   is
               -Sin x   cos x

2. The sum of two number is 16 and the sum of their squares is a minimum. the two numbers are
Ans: 8,8

Some questions on differential equations and definite integral, limit complex functions, vectors, and one question on arithmetic progression.

From Aptitude there are questions based on figures.

1. If DELHI is written as EDHIL, then PARIS is written as

2. The numbers of prime numbers betweeen 10 and 50 is 
Ans: 11

3. The odd one in the list: LAN, TCP/IP, Hacker and Killer
Ans: Killer

4. Saw is to Carpenter as Scalpel is to 
Ans: Surgeon

5. The next two numbers of the series 3, 5, 11, 21 are
Ans: 35 and 53

6. If kernel is to a dog, then ----- is to hen.
Ans: coop

7. Acrophobia is the abnormal fear of 
Ans: height

8: The antonym of the transient is
Ans: permanent

9. The meaning of the word plagiarism is 
Ans: theft of ideas

Techinal questions from Electronics I and II almost 20 questions Like

1. A common led is made of
A.intrinsic semiconductor    b.direct semiconductor
C. Degenerate semiconductor  d. Indirect semiconductor

2. Negative resistance characteristics is exhibited by a
Ans: tunnel diode

4. The threshold voltage vt is negative for
Ans: an n-channel depletion mosfet


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