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Virtusa - dec - 2004.

 1 Hr exam - 30 min - quant n 30 - prgramming logic. No essay this time.

1.    'A' start after 3 min of 'b' starting to reach a destination that 4.5 miles. B reaches the destination n returns back immediately and meets a at some point. If the spped of a is 1 mile per 18 sec, find the speed of b?

2.    Two shots were fired from same point within interval of 10 min n 30 sec. A man travelling in train hears shots within period of 10 min. Find the speed of train. Given speed of sound is 330 m/sec.

3.    A seller confesses to sell at cp, but instead dupes by selling 960gms as 1kg. Find his gain %.

4.    In an exam the max marks is 500. A scores 10% less thanb, c got 20% more than b, d got 25% more than c. If a scores 360, find what d scores?

5.    A solution has 27 lit of wine. If 3 lit of wine is taken out n same amt of water is added to it n the process is repeated again, then find the ratio of original sol : water ?

6.    Sum of a,b,c = 135. If a-26:b-28:c-52= 3:8:11. Find c?

7.    A can do a piece of work in 6 days, b can do it in 8days. They work together for 3 days then a leaves, find how many days b need alone to complete rest of work?

8.    A ladder of length 144 mt is inclined against a wall which makes a angle of inclination of 45 degrees. The same ladder will make angle of inclination of 60 deg. Against a wall that is opposite to first. Find the distance  between two walls?


1.    Program to remove duplicate from a sorted array.

2.    Program to calculate digital roots for an input of a maximum of 4 - digit number.

Digital root is calculated as - 4567= 4+5+6+7= 22=2+2=4. Ie digital root(4567)=4.

3.    Program to perform string comparision similar to library fn strcmp(). Use of library fn like strlen() is prohibited.

4.    What would cause the below code to crash?
         Char *p="hello world";


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