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Huawei Tecnologies Interview Experience - Bangalore, 17 july 2015

Position: Software Engineer (Contract Role with Annual renewal) Package 2.8 Lakhs P.A. The written test consisted of 20 Q on Quants+logical and 20 Q on C programming. Duration 60 minutes. Sectional cut off was there 10 from quants+logical and 10 from C programming. 

Questions were related to,

- Coding (3Q).
- Blood relations.
- Number series (3Q).
- Ages.
- p&l.
- Percentage.
- R&P.
- Number system.
- Simplification.
- Probability.
- P&C.
- T&W.
- T&D.
- Finding the O/P of the program (all 20 Q). 

IndiaBix is sufficient to crack this test. Practise C programming from IndiaBix. IndiaBix is more than enough to sole this test. I cleared the written test. Got 10 marks from part A and 11 marks from Part B. They called for the interview at company premise on 20th June. Around 200 candidates attended the drive and cleared were 42. Next was technical interview. These are the questions asked by the interviewer for about 75 minutes. 

The questions were, 

- Tell me about yourself?
- Do you know C and C++ programming?
- Write a program on Fibonacci series?
- Write a program on printing alternate variables of a word?
- Write the syntax of malloc?
- What is inheritance?
- What is abstraction? 
- What is the use of data hiding?
- Write a  basic program on class?
- Write the logic symbol and truth table of NAND & XNOR gate?
- Do you know data structures (replied basics)?
- What is the difference b/w stack & queue?
- What is the differ b/w array and linked list?
- Write a program on multiple inheritance?
- What is the differ b/w post increment and pre increment?
- Given an example on pre increment and post increment and finding its value?
- What is the use of pointers and finally any questions (replied no).

After this round I was worried as I couldn't answer some of the questions. Thank God I got selected in this round. After this there was a round technical+HR (combination of both). 

These are the questions that were asked in this round: 

- Tell me about yourself?
- Why software industry being a EEE student?
- Explain the strengths and how are you suitable with it?
- What are your weakness and how can you overcome from that?
- Explain about your project?
- What are the disadvantages of your project?
- What is software testing?

- What are you aspiring to become write down the concepts about messaging i.e., SMS 
thinking from the R&D point of view and finally any questions (replied any concepts that I need to improve while getting into the software industry). 

I came to know that he impressed. I was confident that I will be selected. Next they took selected students for managerial round. It was like a stress interview. One was Chinese interviewer and other was an Indian. 

These are the questions that were asked: 

- Tell me about your qualification & percentages scored?
- What is your father & mother doing?
- What is your dream role?
- Are you interested in software testing?
- What is your CET rank?
- What are the strengths?
- What are your strengths in academics? 
- What is your weakness?
- What is software testing?

- Given a web page that consist of username and password you have to do testing on this page (conditions was username must consist of 1 number &4 characters). I was bit anxious in this round so I couldn't clear this round. And finally only 2 were selected after all rounds.


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