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Hi Friends

I appeared for the HAL written test on 19th November 2008, Wednesday at All Saints College of Technology, Bhopal. It was a online test of 2.30 hrs.

As you know the paper pattern, 20 questions from Arithemetic and 20 questions from GK & Mental Ability and then 110 questinons hardcore technical from your stream, all having complextiy level "AVERAGE". FRIENDS, IT is not possible to remember all questions, thats why, I m just giving you some of the questions that I remember

1) first debut film of Hemamalini was _ a) dil ashina he b) sholay c) lal patthar d)xyz

2) which place is commonly known for "spice garden" ? a) sikkim b) tamil nadu c) kerala d) xyz

3) name of harry potter's 5th book is -- a) goblet of fire b) orfer of phoenix c) prisonners of azkban d) xyz

4) In India, before how much time, elections campaign are stopped before election day ?? a) 24 hrs before b) 48 hrs before ) 72 hrs before d) same day

5) It ......... rain later this afternoon. a) would b) shall c) will c) could

1 question was on blood relations and one was on sitting arrangements. Few arithmetical questions were there. Just go through RS agrawal's aptitude book and logical resoning book, also some questions were on series completion and some were like that find odd man out ????  all were bit easy 

Now main thing is about technical !!!! I must say that one who is well prepared for exam like GATE, then there will be just a game to crack the HAL test becoz questions are bit easy. just you need to go through all the subjects of GATE, once you are well prepared, world is yours.

From digital electronics, hardly 2 or 3 ques were there. one was -- a diagram of half adder was given and two inputs A=1 and B=1 then find the value of sum & carry ?? very very easy 
2) questoins from BJT like find collector current Ic if Vbe is given and Rc is given also diagram was given in common emitter configuratil. 

So there are some easy questions but many of the questions are difficult ones. You will have to prepare, you can not learn from galgotia book directly. first make the concept clear and then practise to solve numerical questions. You will not get sample papers anywhere but questions are really easy, if you are well prepared. GATE level questions are very tough but don't worry.. such questions not came,, just think that if you are preparing for GATE, then you can do such questions very easily. There is not weigtage to any particular subject. sometimes mainly questions come from digital, sometimes from network, sometimes from electronics, so not sure abut pattern. You will have to make your command over all d subjects of GATE,, such as microprocessor even,, signals and systems,, friends,,easy questions will be done by everyone,, so don't overreact if you have done some of the easy questions, becoz only those are selected who have done tough questions correctly,, wild guesses will not going to work prepare n just prepare, all d best


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