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this is the paper for virtusa.   about 450 of us attende the At out of which 43 cleared for the GD.   then they had interviews - very less technical n more of communication skills.   out of 43 only 22 cleared  went for interview.   Finally 11 were shortlisted only 2 from r college 

others from nearby colleges.   once u have cleared the AT the selection is very 

simple.  in the AT they r only tesitng ur approach so give proper reasons forthe answers. questions r easy.some questions i remember r 

1.A 4 kg cuboid is reduced to 1/4th of its original dimension.what will be the new weight?   ans: 62.5 gm 

2.A bank pays 4% simple interest compunded annually.x deposits 100$ at the beginning of each   yr then what will be the amount at the end of the 5th yr. 

 ans: 563(not sure) 

3. what will be the growth of a tree whose current height is 60 inches with a growth rate of  10%, at the end of 3 years.the value rounded upwards. 

 ans: 81(not  sure) 

4. a frog lying in a 30 feet well climbs at the rate of 3ft/hr but slips 2ft each time.how    many hours will it take for the frog to climb out. 

  a)26 hrs    b)27 hrs    c)28 hrs    d)29 hrs  ans: 28 (i think) 

5. a water lily grows at a rapid rate filling the pond in 20 days.how many days will it take    to fill the pond if we start with 2 such lilies with same growth rate.     ans: 19 days 

6. 20 people go trekking uphill.30% get frostbite n leave the 1st day.of the remaining 2 get    sprain n giveup.of the remaining only half of them make it to the top.how amny reached    the top.     ans: 6 

7. given a liquid n two containers of 400ml n 600 ml respectively can u measure 500ml.if yes    explain. 

8. candy bars r distributed to children 3 to each except the one at the end who got 2.if    only 2 were given to each then 8 candy bars were left.what was the original no of candy    bars.     ans:26 

9. many rules r given n the valid statement is asked.    ans: the last option. 

10. many designs r given n the next possible one is chosen.very easy to do with little     imagination. 

11. numbers in a sequence n encrypting letters also was there. C section-3 questions were given but better to attend 

1.when a user inputs values, if it is even perform a divide by 2, else perform n*n-1 and   store them in a sequence.the output must be the largest power of 2 in the given sequence. 

2.write a prog to generate pythagorian triads of the form a^2+b^2=c^2.eg3,4,6.   The sequence should not repeat by changing the order of the numbers like 4,3,6. 
  3.a prog is given n we have to check if legal or not. if not correct it or describe its    working.the prog looked like a fibonacci generating sequence.     make sure u justify ur answers properly bcoz  it is the approach they r looking at.once u have cleared  the AT it is very easy to get selected..


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